Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 72
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Like a rollercoaster, there will be a few bumps, twists, and turns in front of you, but keep your head high and you will be fine.


Your stubbornness has been affecting your family life, even if you failed to realize it. Try to reign in your temper and be more loving. Remember that karma will come around, but if you straighten everything out now, all will be fine.


You’ve been rushing around all month so much that it seems like there are two of you! Slow down before you burn yourself out and enjoy yourself. There’s always time to sit back and take a nap, or simply watch the clouds roll by in Rordon Village.


The haze of the month before has past, the clouds of doubt lifting and your heart settling into a better rhythm. Like a Lunar Sapphire Tail Butterfly, you will be reborn into a new, better person.


It’s your lucky day! Whether it’s a job interview, the lottery, or even trying to find those certain pairs of shoes for your Legendary, today is the day! Just try not to jinx yourself by walking underneath a ladder.


Life’s just been passing you by as you work towards your goal. Take a moment to pause and work on a lesser goal so you can go back to it with fresh ideas and a new angle.


Stop beating yourself up over making small mistakes you may have made now or a while ago. Take a step back to look at what it truly important and forge ahead.


Burying yourself in a book like Arnold is fine and dandy, but remember that there are worlds outside of the ones you read about. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air, roll around on the grass if you must, for today is sunny and bright!


The stage is set just for you! Be inspired and go all out! If there is a goal you have been itching to start on, or even that small little poem you’ve been thinking of writing, now it a good time to start.


Curiosity may have gotten the Haruba in trouble on many occasions, but while it is good to be curious, you should reel it in now and then. Being too nosy will cause you to get on someone’s bad side.


It seems that in the last stretch of exams, you’ve had to decline invitations to hang out with your group of friends. Let yourself enjoy the freedom of passing those tests and go out to the movies, have a boys or girls night out and have fun!


Time doesn’t seem to be on your side this month. Perhaps setting your alarm half an hour early can help you prevent from being late.

Written By Xeiana

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