Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 69
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


You have your vision of success. You know how much education, hard work, and sheer tenacity it will take to achieve your dreams. However, you haven't yet realized the depths of sacrifice your pursuit will cost you. Take a step back and calculate everything you have to lose, including your relationships, before you forge on ahead.


A sluggish winter has left you with dwindling life energy. But your spring is just around the corner. Use this time of rebirth to reinvigorate yourself. Stretch, smell the flowers, and spark your passions once again in the warm sunlight.


A rainbow flies over Rordon Village just for you. Your sunrises sparkle with a faint golden light. This month your finances will be blessed. You'll find your investments paying off. Share your prosperity with others; your generosity will be rewarded.


You never know what you've got until it's gone. This is your time of reflection. Be grateful for everything you have: friends, family, health, food, clothing, a home, Misticpets... During rainy days, it's hard to remember the good times—so start practicing now.


Lysithea the Broken crosses your astro-path this month. You'll find yourself on shifting grounds of uncertainty. Rally your own courage and surround yourself with people who will support and advise you through your travels.


Your muses sing softly in your ears every night; it's time to let your creativity flow. Express the inner recesses of your heart: poetry, music, art, literature, and drama. And remember, the Chronicles are always looking to showcase talent like yours.


Forgiveness is a hard word to hear. It's hard to accept from someone who has hurt you. And it's even harder to ask for when you're in the wrong. It's time to taste some humble pie and owe up to the wrongs you have done. You will find freedom in doing this.


After hibernating for a season, your limbs are aching to move. Snow melts from your path—you must travel! Many new places call you: Ravi-Sorin, Sango Reef and even Metropolis Quarry. It's time to pack your bags and broaden your horizons.


Trust is vital for any and all relationships to thrive. Consider these two questions: do you trust those around you with your most important secrets? And can those around you trust you with their secrets? If either answer is “no,” you need to reevaluate your relationships.


People say you can't teach an old Ahbruis new tricks. That simply isn't true. No matter what age you are, you can always learn something new. So take this month to learn: study a new language, pick up an instrument, or just read an interesting book.


Everyone needs at least one day to rest. It may seem counterproductive to hide underneath your blankets and watch the world go by. However, if you keep charging ahead at your problems without re-energizing, you'll find the solutions to constantly elude you.


Love is blossoming in your life. You feel your heart beat faster, but fear causes your words to catch in your throat. It's time to discard that fear. Pick up a rose—it is your symbol this month. And speak your true heart with all its passion.

Written By gemajgall

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