Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Fear not, for you shall find the perfect Mistmas tree that is free of spiders, allergens, and vengeful ghosts in time for the holiday! It's called “inflatable plastic”.


Mom will burn the cookies, the ahbruis will knock the tree over twice, and the anya will unravel the yarn from the homemade Mistmas stockings. All in all it's another perfect Mistmas!


Ease up on the sugar for those sugar cookies. Don't forget last year when Cousin Mel ate an entire plate of them and then went on a fudge and candy-seeking rampage through the house.


Remember when mailing out your Mistmas presents this year that Maury and the SPNHM frowns upon trying to send your children live misticpals through the postal service.


You don't need to buy your friends and family expensive, flashy gifts to let them know you love them. Even if you give them a hat made out of dry macaroni, the important part is the time you get to spend with them this season.


That sound in your chimney is not Meriklaus. You actually have a rather large marjip infestation that should be taken care of before Mistmas Eve, unless you don't mind holes nibbled in your stockings.


Remember the lesson your inferno pets taught you last year: Open flame and Mistmas trees don't mingle well.


Remember not to be that jerk that hands out stale fruitcake and pennies for Mistmas. Go with ugly sweaters instead!


You could salt your sidewalk, or you could also enjoy free entertainment everytime another of your annoying relatives visits for the holidays...just remember to ask yourself, will the lump of coal in your stocking be worth it?


Opportunity is waiting for you just around the corner. Or maybe it's just your cousin waiting with a snowball that is two-thirds ice. Expect a surprise either way.


Unfortunately the Mistmas snowstorm has obscured our view of the planets, so the only advice we can leave you with is buy a snowblower this season.


Pandoria smiles upon you this month, fair Pisces. Prepare to be bombarded with Mistmas gifts containing festive socks and underwear!

Written By Fallout

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