Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 65
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Guilt has been eating away at you long enough. It's time to be free. You've apologized; they've accepted your apology. So you no longer have to brew over the past. Give yourself a new start, and keep the lessons you've learned close to your heart.


Your relationships are going great, and you want everyone else's to go great too. After all, it's hard seeing friends and family struggle. But it's not your place to meddle, and you could very easily go overboard and make things worse. Instead, lend a supporting shoulder and an attentive ear.


It's been said that “idle hands are Ansidoria's tools.” And it's true. Boredom has become your enemy; you may find yourself considering unscrupulous activities just to pass all your free time. Don't. Instead, use this time to better yourself: learn a new language, volunteer with Charitee, or even take up a new instrument with Melody.


Europa and Himilia have aligned, shining their blessings down upon your Mistic Cash. All that hard work investing and questing is paying off; your bank account is growing. The moons will continue to align for you, so now is the time to splurge on those items you've been coveting.


Every good leader knows when to follow. And now it's your time to follow. It may be hard to submit to your boss, teacher, spouse or parents when you're convinced your right. However, compromise is the key to success. When they see your humility and respect, they in turn will respect your opinions and contributions.


Music in the autumn wind moves your pen. The colors in the sunset spill onto your paper. Your creative energies are at their height. Channel them in all ways possible; write music, dance, draw, sing, illustrate or narrate. And remember, the Chronicles are always looking for new work.


Your bountiful harvest has come in; taste fall in all its flavors. Pommekins, corn, and squash are all ripe for the picking. Drink pomme cider to your health, and savor the fruit of your hard work. This will revitalize your body for the upcoming winter.


Dreary. Cold. Rainy. Overcast. These words not only describe the weather but also your mood. Melancholy has dripped into your soul, threatening to cool your relationships and passions. Be alert and don't let that happen. Look for new ways to rekindle your romance and spark your hobbies back to life.


Enjoy the moment. You've been reaching so hard for the future that you're leaving your past in the dust and forgetting about the now. People, places and pets are passing you by. Stop and breathe. Reach out instead of reaching forward. This will bring joy back into your life and lay a foundation for your tomorrow.


Extend your spooky spirit beyond Lanturnacht this season. Shriek with laughter and scream with delight. Pull your friends and family into an extended celebration of fright. And enjoy all the candy corn you want while it's ripe.


A shadow lurks over your door. Someone bears you ill intent. Watch your back; they'll be looking to sabotage your efforts and strike when you least expect it. Sadly, this means your trust in this person has failed.


It's so easy to get distracted. Video games call, work beckons, and time passes. But people are waiting for you too. Leaving the ones you love behind in return for cheap, passing thrills threatens to destroy your relationships. Send a message to your friends and invite them to join the ride.

Written By gemajgall

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