Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 64
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Stand out this month! Try some different toadstools. Who knows? You may just find a new style to flaunt.


Everybody has a story. You will learn something you never knew about one of Mistica’s NPCs this month. Of course, you will need to talk with some of them first.


A big catch awaits you at Sango Reef this month. Expect a big splash.


Challenge yourself to conquer a long-standing fear of yours this month. Hey, what’s that behind you? A spider!


Explore Mistica with a friend this month. Even Dire Morana has marvelous wonders to reveal to you.


Give someone a second chance. Forgive somewhat this month, even if it’s just mentally. You deserve that peace of mind.


Be extra careful not to waste food this month. Some hungry soul would love that half-eaten roll from Keilly’s Kafe.


Allow yourself some extra alone-time this month. Everyone needs some time to organize her thoughts in silence and solitude.


An adorable creature will follow you home this month. Make room in your heart and home for that sweet little Anya!


Organize your time more carefully this month. Remember, every minute is precious and can be spent doing something you love.


Stop and notice the minute details of some mundane object. Ever notice the bumps and curves of a plain old rock from the Quarry?


Think healthy! Stop by Sunny’s Health Foods and treat yourself to some nice juicy Niabelle Grapes.

Written By Metaphor

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