Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 60
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


The darker side of your selflessness is shining through this month. You've made your relationships strong through giving and giving. Sadly, now your friends and family are aware of this—and will take advantage of you for it. However, don't let them change your nature. Just find your courage and speak up for yourself. Any who don't understand aren't worth having in your life in the first place.


As spring continues to bloom and the lands turn green, so will your finances. Expect abundance this month through not only Mistic Cash but also items. You'll find luck through gaming and questing, so indulge yourself. Now is the time to splurge on your wishlist.


People say the mind is a terrible thing to waste; so don't waste yours. Ancient tomes of intellect beckon to you; new experiences are waiting to be had. This is your month of learning, and Aibrean is more than willing to help.


Your star has been orbiting Mistica too fast; you need to slow down. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Take time to visit Keilly's Cafe for a cup of coffee with some good friends. Grow some flowers at Mistica Kingdom's garden. It's vital that you find ways to renew your energy before you burn out.


Your physical strength is on an upswing. Your body has finally managed to shake all the winter colds and spring allergies. Fresh air and water are giving you strength, and your diet is beginning to show signs of success. Continue to enhance your energy: push yourself harder in workouts and train your endurance. Allow your health to blossom.


Yellow is the color of your relationships this month. Yellow means caution; don't force things to go to quickly. Yellow also means sunshine and cheerfulness; you'll find more enjoyment as you slow down; you're not taking things for granted. Finally, yellow also represents the bond of a trusted friend; you'll grow closer together.


Misfortune is dogging your footsteps. Bad luck will follow you wherever you go. Maury may drop something right on your head; strong winds from the Kelpie River will slam doors in your face. And don't even think about going near the Darkwood Hollow. In fact, it might be best just to stay inside this month.


It's time you worked on your communication skills. Although it can be hard to tell people when you're hurting, they have no way of knowing unless you talk. And the more you speak, the more you'll be able to share. Soon, your friends and family will understand the joy of your hobbies and the pain of your losses. You'll feel less alone.


Compassion has been tugging at your heartstrings for a while. Tears well up in your eyes when you hear about homeless and abused Misticpets; your heart goes out to the struggling sprites and humans in your community. It's time to stop ignoring it. Find a place to volunteer, take in a homeless pet, or adopt a neglected Misticpal. You won't regret it.


Now is the best time to future your career ambitions. All your hard work is being noticed. Approach your boss with confidence and ask for that promotion. Polish your resume and let your skills shine.


Something unexpected will happen to you this month, and it's senseless to try to prepare for it. No matter what you do, the stars have determined that this is your month of surprise. However, surprises are nothing to fear. Just relax and enjoy the sudden changes coming your way.


Let your creativity flow! A new muse is knocking at your door; inspiration is becoming abundant. Write, sing, draw, dance—express yourself. Seek out every venue you can; Mistica wants your art. And there's no better place to display it than the Chronicles and contests.

Written By gemajgall

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