Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 54
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Take some time to open your eyes and look around. There's someone close to you who needs your strength right now. That person is carrying a lot and holding even more inside. You have to take the initiative to offer your shoulder. Do so and you shall reap a reward of loyalty for years to come.


The holidays have left you feeling stretched to thin—and it seems that they only keep pulling you in more directions every day. This'll continue until Mistmas. It is up to you to learn how to say “no” and make time for what is truly important. Don't let your friends, family, and pets eat your dust.


There is a time to separate and a time to reunite. You will face both this month. Steady your heart, you may be faced with a choice—who to stay with and who to watch walk away. However, if you stand firm and place your trust in those around you, you will find that they will always return to your side.


Your blessings have multiplied, and you will reap abundantly. Even minor business ventures will start to turn a surprising profit. Indulge yourself—this all will happen because your hard work will finally play off. But don't forget that it took hard work and continue to work hard—even more rewards will come your way.


The stars crossed this month, revealing that you need to be more honest in your relationships. You've been hesitating to confront the real issues. However, without addressing the problems and doubts you have, your relationships will never be able to grow deeper. So be honest but tactful—your true friends and family will appreciate it.


A restless energy is enveloping you. Things which once brought you joy now seem dull. Each day passes listlessly. You need something new and exotic. During this month, travel to a new town, try a different hobby, or even buy some exotic food. You'll spice up your life in innovative ways and rejuvenate yourself in the process.


You know how there's bad days? And how there's really bad days? Well, this month is going to be one of those really, really bad months. You're better off getting a warm blanket, a warm cup of hot cocoa, and staying inside until your bad luck passes.


You've been treating life like a game, and it shows. You've flaunted your victories and crushed losers. But the tables have turned; you no longer have luck at the draw. It's time to make a tactical retreat and re-evaluate your strategy. Let them think they've won; you'll dominate the field again in no time.


Because of increasingly cold weather, you feel your health start to plummet. Chills and fevers both threaten to put you out of commission for days. Doctors and medicine don't seem to help at all. It's time to turn your eyes to traditional, herbal medicine. You'll find natural cures that will bring color back to your face.


Broaden your mind and partake in the culture of other lands. Look to Klaeris City for art, Rordon Village for music, or Ravi-Sorin for drama. Try what is new and undiscovered—you'll discover new loves and maybe even new talents this way.


It's important to remember that all actions have consequences, and now, you must face the consequences of your actions—the wheel of fate is turning downward for you. Accept this; it is the only way you'll learn. However, not all consequences are bad—ensure that your actions are pure and clean.


It's time for an emotional detox. For too long, you have been letting stress build up in your life. In order to enjoy the holidays, you have to purge those toxic “friends,” let go of the pain of the past, and seek out spiritual healing for your life. Seek a complete renewal: physically, emotionally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Written By gemajgall

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