Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 50
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


At long last, you have reached the end of your journey. You feel a surge of elation as you see the end of the trail—followed by a sadness because this is the end of the adventure. You look out across your accomplishments and struggles and feel a sense of pride and longing for more. So don't let this be the true end. Instead, turn it into a beginning of the next stage of your travels.


Always trust your judgment. This month you'll be tempted to invest in a deal; it'll seem promising, but your instincts will scream at you to run the other way. Don't hesitate to listen to those instincts. But in order to be ready and not be deceived, keep your eyes open. Watch your relationships, your Mistic Cash, your alliance, and your shop – someone is waiting to swindle you, but you can overcome.


Although it may sound like it came from one of Arnold's romance novels, you'll still have a sudden encounter with a mysterious stranger. The thrill of this new acquaintance will be the highlight of your month. However, it can turn into a lasting relationship—if you work hard at it. So enjoy the fun of your new companion but seek to make it into something deeper.


Dreams haunt your waking hours. Although you had hopes for your future as bright as a ButterFli, shattered expectations has turned them into a curse. Depression and despair circle around you, cornering you into giving up. Don't! Although it may feel as if both of your wings were broken, you will find the strength to fly higher than ever before.


Glory, honor and power call! The moons of Mistica have aligned this month to strength you; even Pandoria herself smiles up you. However, there is no glory in defeating those weaker than you. So take your strength to the Battle Portal—challenge those stronger than you; push your pets to the limits. You'll discover pride and respect in abundance.


Sunlight shines bright, burning your skin. Humidity makes it hard to breathe. Rain falls and wind blows, threatening to tear your roots apart. But through all this sweat, hardship, and trials you will find your leaves growing and your fruit ripening. Soon you will have a wonderful harvest of character.


Your health hangs in a fragile balance. Fatigue has slowly worn down your immune system, leaving you susceptible to many illnesses. Stress will only compound the issue; it is imperative that you unwind. Take a vacation to the Bamboo Beach Resort, stock up on food from Sunny, and get plenty of rest. Be aware too that if you don't detox the leeches from your life, they will drag you down in more ways than one.


Love and travel shine for you this month. So why not take advantage of this and combine your blessings? Take those close to you on an exotic tour. Lake Auberon, the Meadow of the Shores, and Klaeris City are all very beautiful during this time of year. So take an extended vacation and create memories with your loved ones.


Do you hear the muses sing? Their blessings flow into you this month; your creativity will reach its peak. Your art will be refined; your writing will reach new depths; your music will become more expressive, and your dance will become more precise. Indulge your fine arts. And remember the monthly competitions to showcase your talents.


Red and violet are your colors for this month. Nightmares cloud your stars. Trying to do anything with the blessing of Mistica's rainbow will surely result in disaster; daylight will become a curse. Sleep will become elusive, riddled with terror. This is from the workings of the imps. But remember—if you can't beat them, join them.


Rock marks your future. Gargoyles understand this well. It's steadfast and stalwart. That means you're set for stability, not change. Although this may mean slowness over the upcoming weeks, it also means security and time to reflect and cherish all that you have.


Your symbol for this month is a fresh spring. It will give you new energy and heal the old scars in your heart. You can share this refreshing atmosphere with others as well. Pass along a smile, extend a hand in friendship, and stroke a pet with no home—the joy and healing you spread will surely return to you.

Written By gemajgall

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