Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 5
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Your adventurous nature will serve you well this month. Try going for an outdoor excursion with your pets or chatting it up with the Strange Traveler. Perhaps you will be the one to discover the secrets of Dire Morana or the first to reach the highest peak in the Blizzard Realm! One thing is certain - good fortune will follow the adventuring Aries in the coming month!


Keep your mind sharp by doing Sudoku puzzles; these are sure to keep you in the best mental condition possible. The star Eta Piscium will be especially bright this month; you however will not. Learn some new things by engulfing yourself in new situations, such as Raziela’s annual ‘Festival of Meat’.


Don’t let your laid back attitude get the best of you. As the leaves drift away, so does the time. Make the best of the short autumn days and complete some long forgotten projects. Since you are a charming Libra, you should be able to get some of your good friends to aid you in the more arduous tasks.


For the month of September Himilia is in her fourth sector. It is of utmost importance that you lock yourself in your house. Danger lurks around every corner, you never know when a strange Tarinooki may grab you and do mean things to you (like kick sand in your face!). It is also advised that you stay away from electrical devices, furniture, walls, and corners.


Leos are a proud group, but be wary; your pride may very well be your downfall this month. Be aware that everything you may post on the Art or Writing forums is open to critique, and try to take criticism gracefully rather than with anger. Holding a grudge will get you nowhere, and life for you is full of constructive criticism this month.


You are the eternal optimist, alway finding the silver lining in anything, but don't let your guard down. Tough times may greet you this month, but it is important that you maintain a good attitude if you wish to make it through. Invest your MC wisely and avoid impulse shopping or frivolous expenditures; times are coming when MC will be hard to come by you and you'll need all that you can get.


The Libra is a naturally skilled businessman/woman, and this month is no exception! Libras should try their hand at restocking this month; they are sure to turn a nice profit. However, Libras should also be particularly wary of shady business practices and shoddy investments. One bad move and you're back to square one!


The Scorpio is a winner in every sense, but in the coming month especially. Try your hand at a contest or two this month; you never know when you may surprise yourself! Scorpios also tend to be overly critical of themselves. Don't let this get in the way of your ambitions this month. The entry that you think is horrible may well turn out to be first place material.


You are a free spirit if ever there was one, but don't let your wanderlust come between you and your pets. You have a natural yearning to roam, but try to remember that your pets miss you when you're gone. Instead of trekking out across Ravi-Sorin on your own this month, try planning a family camping trip. Make a road trip of every exploration this month; you'll appreciate the company and your pets will enjoy the experience and the strengthening bond you all have.


The Capricorn is known to be very independent, but don't let that define your life this month. Time spent getting to better know your pets will not be time wasted. Take every opportunity to bond; splurge on that box your pet has been eying, stock up on toys, or maybe even snag a pet slot coin and add a new member to your family. You may be independent, but your pets depend on you for love and care, and every moment you spend with them will be beneficial to all of you!


The coming month is one of social opportunity for Aquarians. Make sure to take advantage of any chance to make a new friend. Start a new board on the forums or jump into a pre-existing conversation! Even the most forum shy are sure to find a topic they wish to contribute to.


The Pisces is one of the most creative of the Zodiac signs. This month would be a good time to unleash your inner artist. Enter a design contest, broadcast your art on the Art forum, or start your own commission board. Pisces shouldn't be afraid to take their creative vision in a completely different direction this month. And for those of you searching for the perfect companion to help unleash that artistic fervor, perhaps this would be a good month to bring home the Tarinooki you've been eying in the pound!

Written By Skyhawk

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