Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 49
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


This is your time to shine! Don't be afraid to be social, chat with friends and create topics. Be that talkative butterfly that you are meant to be.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 30, 2


You may find yourself stricken with sentimentality and a fierce longing for the way things used to be. This is quite natural! Create a memorial pet or a tribute pet, write a poem about what you miss. Take action to validate what you feel and the strong emotions will become fond nostalgia.
Lucky Numbers: 14, 50, 33


Irritated, prone to hasty decisions, churlish – if any of these words describe you then it's time for you to take positive action in your life. Going from re-active to pro-active is a big step and you will be pleasantly surprised that you Mistic friends have faced similar problems. Communication (whether in private messaging or public forum) will help you start a happier journey.
Lucky Numbers: 91, 13, 7


A fascination with pretty things has taken a bite out of your bank account. Begin saving again very soon or the chance to obtain something shiny in the near future will be beyond your reach and another year will pass before it comes around again.
Lucky Numbers: 41, 16, 22


You are in love, whether it's an affair with pixels or an ideal concerning your profile. Something has grabbed you by the short fuzzy hairs and made you pay attention. That kind of romance can go one of two ways:
A - You give in and indulge in a beautifully boxed pet or lovely arts
B – You live in the grip of regret that it slipped through your fingers
Which will it be Leo?
Lucky Numbers: 11, 6, 72


Everything you touch has the potential to become golden. Invest some time in your shop or strive for high scores in the Game Garden. This is a money month for you, you just need to seize the moment!
Lucky Numbers: 5, 1, 66


Do you feel like you're just spinning you wheels and going no where? This happens to everyone. Unplug for the day and just enjoy a little time without the bells and whistles of modern technology. Plant a flower, put your bare feet in the grass, go for a walk – do whatever it takes to reinvigorate yourself.
Lucky Numbers: 10, 50, 44


Time to shake it up, stop procrastinating and accomplish at least one of your goals before they seem insurmountable. Just as one step at a time brings the mountain a little closer, one little step toward your goals brings them closer to actuality. Hang in there!
Lucky Numbers: 32, 26, 25


A favorite pet that has defied any attempts at a solid character will finally come to heel. Indulge your imagination and create a personality that has only ever lived in your mind. Have faith that once you begin it will take over and lead down unknown paths. Enjoy the ride!
Lucky Numbers: 36, 21, 15


Live in the moment! Sounds easy, right? It's not. Striving forward 24-7 can turn the taste of success to ashes in your mouth. You have earned a respite, now take it! Everything is in order and what isn't will be there later on. Enjoy yourself, indulge in a credit item or two – you have earned it!
Lucky Number: 89, 8, 41


Everything that can go wrong probably already has. If someone swiped the pet name you were stalking out from under your nose, take a deep breath – it probably wasn't meant for you anyway. Relax Aquarius before you get yourself worked into a lather!
Lucky Numbers: 12, 1, 47


Your creative ability is at an incredible high right now. Paint, draw, compose do something with this gift! Enter into the monthly contests – you won't be sorry you did.
Lucky Numbers: 100, 2, 76

Written By Valkyrie

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