Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 40
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


The future of your Cheran's pet sea monkeys is looking quite grim. Maybe you shouldn't have let him feed them bacon and taco meat this morning?


Remember when you visit your relatives this month for the holidays that no matter what, they'll always be your family...which means that no matter how much you try to deny it, yes, you are related to your crazy uncle who dug a fallout shelter in his backyard in case of nuclear zombie invasion.


You will fall off the deep end this month. Maybe it would be a good idea to pay a visit to Kelpie Clothing and buy some water wings ahead of time.


If you're short on change this month, you can always save up a little money by playing your daily games and practicing a little restraint with your purchases. It might also help if your Vix stops calling Belladonna's psychic hotline to ask where he buried all his acorns.


You will find a new love as Sebastion is planning on having a special on fudge brownie sundaes every Tuesday this month.


Take a nice stroll on the beach. You might learn more about yourself along the way. Also, stop at Lighthouse Nicknacks while you're there and sample some of the fine wares. Disclaimer: This horoscope is in no way affiliated with Lighthouse Nicknacks. That huge sack of money Makoto totally didn't give us was always there.


Pandoria smiles upon you as you come into a small fortune! Meanwhile your little brother will be wondering who broke his piggy bank and took all his quarters.


Your future is looking bright. This means either good things are coming in the near future, or you're about to be assaulted by a swarm of angry FireFlows.


Life always comes knocking when you least expect it. Usually it's at some inconvenient time like when you're taking a shower or trying to get some sleep for your history exam the next morning.


Sometime this month, you will be visited by an Imp who will eat all your cereal and steal your TV from your inventory. Perhaps now is a good time to invest in a good security system and an electrified fence for your account?


You will waste away the entire month watching reruns of Mistica Doesn't Got Talent and eating your entire supply of potato chips. So basically nothing different will happen at all this month.


Experience something new by doing something that you normally do a little differently this month. If you normally take your Lirionox through the Butterfly Fields for his daily walk, try going through Bunny Pass in Darkwood Hollow instead. If you like to go to the beach alone, try bringing a friend along next time. If you eat an entire box of donuts for breakfast every morning, eat three bags of sugar to achieve the same effect.

Written By Fallout

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