Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 38
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Be active! Be playful! Make sure to hit the games this month because you’ll bring in more money than ever before. Just don’t get too risky in the raffle, you may regret it.


It’s time for a makeover. Find some time to get some new clothes or that wig you’ve always wanted for your legendary. Just be sure to stick to your friends and community and you’ll do just fine.


This term you will find that the joy of gift giving will be more fruitful than ever. Just be careful you don’t go overboard on spending. It will not be easy to get your money back.


Indulge in your desires this month! Money will be no object and buying a splendid ease. Play some games or take part in some contests and try your luck. You may be well rewarded!


Throw caution to the wind. Take bold, risky adventures and roll with it! Play games you don’t like or try the contests and see just how well you fair! Just be sure to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as your relationships may be rocky!


Don’t go overboard with your spending this month. You limitless self-awareness will be working against you. Stay calm and try to enjoy the small things, like messaging old friends. Big endeavors like building MP or large amounts of MC will most likely be unfruitful, so beware!


It’s time to get active in the forums! Your emotional energy is just overflowing, allowing you to talk with more ease this month. It is also a good idea to work on any collections you haven’t looked on in a while. You just may find that the item you are looking for is available!


Try new foods you or your pets have never tasted before! This month looks rather good for you, and it’s even better for those endeavors you never thought about doing! Take on crazy commissions; eat that piece of what-ever-it-is on the porch, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to use your extensive amount of luck this month.


Pandoria smiles upon you. If you have had good luck in something, keep up the good work. Long-term investments of your time will be ultra-beneficial this month, so make sure to continue the work to make it really something special. A deeper connection with your long-time friends is also in the forecast.


Your recent high-flying has left you with a need to be grounded. Talk to your buddies and make sure you are open with yourself and everyone in the forums. Don’t be afraid to continue working on your writing or art projects, because although it may be slow going, you are making steady progress. Play some games and take a load off as you may very well need it!


Keep to yourself and your own endeavors. The forums and contests may not be the place for you to be this month. Travel around Mistica and be sure that you take part in the random events, as these will more often than not favor you.


Artist and writer’s block may be an issue for you. Remember to grab inspiration from the many events that have taken place but keep true to you and your pets’ ideals. You may even ask you Mistic Pal what is on their mind, as this could be a great place to thwart your creative blockage.

Written By TheBrokenFox

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