Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Gentle whispers ride on the southern winds. Use this month to listen closely to all that is going on around you. You'll not only find yourself learning things new, but you'll find your existing relationships strengthened as well. Remember, listening requires that you close your mouth. Do not spend your time boasting, gossiping, or idly chitchatting, and you'll find many new paths open to you.


You have come to a crossroads. The most important question for you this month is “what are your priorities?” You'll find that increasingly tough decisions force you to evaluate your life. Be careful because things you think are important now are of no significance for your future. Use wisdom and treat this month as a type of spiritual spring cleaning.


Take risks! This is the month to invest. Put your Mistic Cash into something high risk and watch the profits increase. This will require that you come out of your comfort zone and become more daring than you have been before. But don't be afraid, the great moon Europa is backing you.


Set your sights on the horizons. Your world is going to be drastically broadened soon whether you want it to or not. The best you can do is prepare for it, be accepting and open minded, and be willing to embrace the new. Be courageous and face your future boldly—travel if you can. I hear the Bamboo Beach is absolutely gorgeous during warm spring mornings.


Your work load is about to increase with the spring rains. In addition to extra assignments at your job, you'll find nature demands your attention as well. Mulching, weeding, mowing, pruning, and planting are just a few of the tasks you'll need to do. However, there are many excellent people and places around Mistica to help you from Teschia in Sizzling Décor to Joel in Mistica Kingdom. Approach all tasks with a light spirit, and the labor will easily fly by.


April showers bring May flowers, but those flowers are not bringing any romance for you. A storm cloud lingers over your love life, and much you will experience much strife in your romantic relationships if you try to face the weather head on. Fortunately, this only applies to your romantic relationships. So instead, focus on your friends and family. Build up your support group and have fun laughing with those you share common interests with.


Throughout the winter months you have been denying yourself and your Misticpets. Open up a window to the sunlight and splurge. Treat yourself to a day at the spa or the gym, and while you are relaxing, let your Misticpets kick back at the resort. Afterward, share a delicious ice cream cone from Freezy Treats and watch the sunset. If you do, the memories from this month will linger with you always.


A whirlwind fast approaches; a long lost acquaintance will return to your life and turn it upside down. Brace yourself, once things start they will not let up. But you will find that this reunion brings unexpected joy into your life. Once things calm down, you'll actually find yourself missing the frenzied excitement and new experiences this person has to share.


Pandoria is smiling down on you! You will have success and victory at everything you do. No feat is impossible, and no dream is too hard. Since you have such a blessing, pay it forward. Volunteer and take on tasks that will benefit many people. This not only will strengthen your reputation around the community, but it will also make Mistica a better, brighter place.


Beware of floods; your carefully laid plans are in danger of being swept away. Don't rely on your own strength and be humble enough to ask for help when you need it. Hopefully you have savings; you're going to need it. Build wisely from your ashes—you can make your resources stronger than ever before.


Attitude is everything. Don't forget. This month, everything in your life will revolve around your attitude. Don't alienate your friends by being too aggressive, don't whine and complain to your boss, and don't sink into depression at the first sign of hardship. Instead, polish your attitude until it shines. Be optimistic, compassionate, understanding, sincere, hard-working, honest, and strong. With this solid foundation in your personality, nothing will hold you back.


The last of the winter chill has not deserted you. Be ready for the final cold gusts of air. A well-intended gesture is likely to backfire. A fracture is going to form in your trust. Treat those you've hurt with humility and open mindedness. Do not be defensive or the fractures are going to widen. Be willing to see the other side of things.

Written By gemajgall

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