Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 31
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Your productivity is at an all time high! Set your mind to the tasks ahead and let your creativity soar. Things are growing warmer everywhere and so is your ability to think on your feet, in fact, you're on fire! Don't be afraid to let your talent take you to new heights.
Lucky numbers: 33, 20, 2


Normally you may shy from serious encounters, resist the urge to avoid situations with a grave tone. The matters ahead needs your input, your words and experience make all the difference. In retrospect you won't be sorry.
Lucky numbers: 76, 84, 10


Be prepared to compromise this month. Don't loose site of your values though - in the spirit being congenial. You maybe tired of conflict but the outcome will be satisfactory as long as you have clear boundaries. And for Pandoria's sake – smile!
Lucky numbers: 8, 49, 3


Yours is a wonderfully analytical mind. All these beautiful little facts at your mental finger tips is a good thing. But, you've been focused inward for to long. It's time to have some fun and let a new spontaneity enter your life. This might be a little scary at first but starting small can help with that. Wearing mismatched socks is a great way to begin.
Lucky numbers: 11, 2, 67


A plan is coming into fruition, are you prepared though? Take a look around you to make certain. Simple organization will help clear your mind and reveal things that need your attention. You've waited a long time for this and those pesky little details just need a wee bit of tidying up. Then sit back and enjoy Leo!
Lucky numbers: 83, 54, 1


Not everything is going as planned. Your level of irritability is off the charts! What's bothering you? People may seem disingenuous in their concern, they are in fact sincere though. Taking any outside help maybe a bitter pill but very worth it.
Lucky numbers: 35, 6, 88


Your opinions may have made you unpopular in some circles. There are others though who of like mind, finding them however could be tricky. Reaching outside your normal routines will help bring these like minded folks to you.
Lucky numbers: 11, 44, 74


Being indecisive won't to you any favors right now. Make up your mind and then stick with your decision. For better or worst, life is about the journey. You have the strength to take whatever comes. Just don't change your mind...again.
Lucky numbers: 52, 30, 27


Being a little bit more open with others may help them understand where you are coming from. Remember, unless you speak them, no else knows your thoughts but you. Communication is key if anyone is to really appreciate the character that you really are.
Lucky numbers; 5, 39, 22


Are you tired yet? If not then take a little time for yourself to finish off the month. It's still early in the year and you have a long way to go before everything is done. Pace yourself! Slow and steady isn't your normal speed but with the challenges ahead, it's what is needed.
Lucky numbers: 10, 21, 98


Deciding how important your successes are to you is, something you never really thought would be a challenge for you. But this niggling thought is beginning to bother you. Where are your priorities? Have they changed? Or, have you? Writing up a new list of goals will bring everything into focus.
Lucky numbers: 18, 6, 90


Plant your feet and be prepared to push! You started this little project but have since lost interest in it. The time complete this has almost passed you by, taking care of this now will change the minds of those who think you are great at starting fire but terrible at keeping them lit.
Lucky numbers: 20, 21, 22

Written By Valkyrie

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