Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


This is the month of the Hunter's Moon and time for you to break out of patterns that have become habit. Play more games and pursue recreational activities or you risk what was a pleasure before becoming mundane. Your creative mind needs to be engaged, create something just for the pure joy of it. It`s time to pamper yourself and your pets.


Matters of family, home and emotion may take away from your onsite time. Addressing these things now may intercept a higher demand on your attentions later. All that is happening in your RL may leave you feeling disaffected or fatigued. Use your time on Mistica to achieve quality rather than quantity by reach out to your Mistical friends for support.


Busy little bee, that's who you are this month. Returning comments and messages and keeping up to date in forums may prove to be challenging. Perhaps you need to prioritize your tasks? Keeping your pets fed and happy will be challenging. Using the Bamboo Beach Resort as a babysitter may provide you with some guilt-free time.


Use caution making financial decisions or getting involved in complex bartering this month. You may later regret what seemed like a dream deal come true, not all is as it seems at first. Avoid impulse shopping and feed your MC nest egg instead. The perfect opportunity may be just around the bend to achieve your goals if you don`t over spend now.


“Be careful of the words you type, keep them soft and sweet. You never know from day to day which ones you`ll have to eat.” That famous rhyme certainly applies to you this month Leo. Putting an extra effort into understanding where fellow Misticans in forums are coming from is advised. Try not to jump to conclusions or make rash statements. This is the month to use your natural sensitivity and intelligence.


You may suffer the urge to withdraw from forums and even your friends. Seclusion, maybe hard to come out of if this happens. You don`t want to be known as that cranky, loner, user with a 100 pets, who collects Slimzys - do you?


You may be surprised to discover your favorite pet has been harboring a secret crush. Keep your opinions to yourself and let him/her be happy or risk a mutiny! Perhaps it`s the opportunity you`ve been looking for to introduce yourself to some interesting new people outside of you usual circle of friends. Keep your mind open!


You have made it this far by being a dependable Alliance member/Leader. But, by over extending yourself could bring that crashing down around you. Good fortune can be yours in August. This month finds that people are more likely to have confidence in you, and for good reason! However, to be on the safe side, try not to make promises you won't be able to keep.


Try not to let your drive to succeed rob you of the everyday pleasures to be had here in Mistica. Be confident that you have already made great strides toward your goals. Take time to smell the virtual roses!


Pay more attention to your friends and associates, they may have a solution to problems that have plagued you for some time now. A different perspective might be just the ticket. You`ll find that they have just been waiting for you ask for help. Don`t forget to say, “Thank you.” gratitude will go a long way toward cementing relationships with other Misticans.


The Summer fun is beginning to wind down now. If you take a look at your profile you might be surprised to see that it no longer fits you. A little clean up and hunting down some great art will straighten things right out! Add new colors to your genre for a little pick me up.


Begin a new collection or create a new pet this month. Just don`t forget your older pets unless you like snide comments and childish pranks.

Written By Valkyrie

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