Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 21
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Have you lost touch with old friends? Dropping a message or leaving a comment will bring you together in a flash.


Despite your stubborn nature, this is the time to communicate! Head to the forums and get to know some new characters! This will only expand your horizons.


Is it time to put into play the new character bouncing around in your head? Perhaps roleplaying is the the outlet for the character to run amok.


A new hobby awaits! Take a pen/pencil/artsy-whatevers in hand and see what your creative mind has in store.


You know your strengths and rely on them daily. Become the leader you are meant to be. Start an Alliance or take the fore front in your current affiliation.


Don\'t let your inner monologue get you down! Take a risk -- perhaps the Raffle is worth a try?


Stop being a lurker! Reach out to others and you will be surprised at what you can learn.


Overcome the urge to pinch first and ask questions later! An imagined slight may alienate the wrong people.


You are about to reach your goals; don\'t give up now! That box/item is within your grasp.


You have been so involved with your destination that you have forgotten to enjoy the journey. Take time to laugh or ponder. A glimpse at Mistica\'s aspiring Artists in the Art Center forum may be just the thing!


A little calm is just what the doctor ordered. You may find yourself helping to keep the peace.


Even though the chill of winter is past, cold weather habits are hard to break. Time to think outside the box and venture into unknown territory. Write that story!

Written By Valkyrie

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