Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

As I traveled across land and sea
To try to find a pet that was good enough for me
I looked far and wide, under rocks and in trees
Wondering where my perfect companion would be

It was only when I found myself in the arctic
Looking at you, knowing I could never part with
The look in your eyes damaged all myths
For I finally found my pet in Mistic

It was as if you were brought to me from the stork
Such pizzazz, such wit, such crazy quirks
You ran around me, looking like a dork
It was then I knew that you'd be my Kratork

I held you in my arms, on my face was a grin
I really knew that you were quite something
You were meant to be mine, I truly did win
I love you so much my dear Anberlin