Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66

Lugia Winning Entry

The ancient world of Mistica,
Was formed long, long ago;
There were deserts and mountaintops,
Ravaged by storms of snow.

But 'midst the gale,
And howling winds,
Life began springing up;
The first to make her mark,
Was a small Braenon pup.

Pandoria had always been,
An exceptional lass,
She had been able to create,
Ornate pieces of glass.

Her creations were beautiful,
Infused with swirls of gold,
Nobody quite knew what they were,
Just watched the shards unfold.

The first, was one,
That seemed simple,
A mere magenta sphere;
It cracked right down the center,
Filled the air with fear.

The feeling soon faded,
Leaving just silence,
Pandoria watched and waited,
For something to emerge.

Within the shell,
Of broken glass,
Was a small dragon,
With tiny legs,
And wings of brass.

Pandoria smiled faintly,
Her creature, in all beauty,
As it released a wispy growl,
She dubbed it as a hatchipal.

And that was where it all began,
The shared bond between two,
There'll always be a hatchipal,
Just waiting for you.