Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66

Repose Winning Entry

Welcome to Misticpets! In short, we call it Mistic or Mistica, and it’s a centre of fun, art, and community. As a member of Mistic, I cannot begin to write how amazing my past experience on Mistic so far has been.

Now, I don’t like to completely sugarcoat things. There has been drama on this site… but it’s rather impossible to avoid it when there are hundreds of users logging in and out of Mistic daily. Yes. Hundreds. But these hundreds of users are about as close knit as you can get on the Internet.

We love to chat and, of course, answer any questions you may have. But the best part of Mistic is the generosity. Wake-up, log on, and check your alerts… what do you see? Why, someone’s sent you an item! Hm… Oh, oh my.. it’s a Daydream Pandoria Box! This box would transform my pet into another rather beautiful theme. It’s worth 150 MP, which is $15 if bought, and if converted to MC (the regular site credits) 3 750 000 MC! Woah! Generosity!

And… it’s not a surprising sight to see. We love to gift anything we can if it’ll just make someone smile. I’m quite happy to say, I’ve been one of those lucky recipients – and I’m most definitely not the only one. Now that I’ve been gifted, I too gift as often as possible. It’s a contagious feeling, gifting. The receiver and the giver always get this warm bubbly feeling inside knowing something good has happened.

Our community is amazing in more than one way. We love art; any type of art ranging from writing, to painting, to graphic work – we encourage it. I have never, ever, seen more genuine critiques than on this site. It’s helped me build up my graphic skills, at least, and I’m quite thankful. Artists (including writers, painters, designers, etc.) here have improved in leaps and bounds. It’s really easy to get motivated and to work to improve. The userbase is just so helpful!

The best part, in my opinion, really is the userbase. The rules in particular are actually quite fair. We’re expected to write in “proper” English. Meaning you won’t see too much ‘1337 speak’ littering our forum boards. Makes everything quite a bit easier to understand and read. Being one of those grammar-crazy people, I can safely say you won’t get beaten by any sort of punctuation, so long as we understand what you’re trying to say.

The whole community has been absolutely touching, I suppose you could say. There’s just something about this site that really reaches out to me through ups and downs. Whenever I’m happy or sad, there’s always someone there to cheer me up in some way. No matter what’s to happen from this point onwards, I can say that Mistic will always hold a part of my memory, my heart even. I'll always remember... <3