Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Silcoonsixx Winning Entry

The waters around the reef were eerily still as a lone blush caribyss swam through. A storm was expected on the surface today, so there weren't too many tourists hovering in the area. It was because of that that the caribyss thought to swim up, for she didn't like the attention her bright coloration attracted on busy days.

A little distant from the reef now as she ascended at an angle, the caribyss sense a commotion not far from her. Curious, she changed course only to discover a young panju struggling to stay afloat in the wind-rippled water. The child looked tired, exhausted from their effort. Who knows how long they had been out here, or from where they might of been swept away.

A part of the caribyss wanted to turn her back, pretend she saw nothing and avoid the needed interaction. However, another part of her wanted to help the distressed child. She knew what it was like to be all alone out at sea. Pushing aside her discomfort, she swam close enough for the struggling panju to see her. Last thing she needed was for the kid to freak out at her sudden arrival.
"I'm 'ere t-to 'elp you!", she called out with a shake french accent before getting closer.

The kid was clearly scared and overwhelmed, but nevertheless, they grabbed hold of the large pink fish before them. The panju's breathing was heavy. "Tha- Thank you." they panted. The caribyss felt the small creature's grip tighten as the sea began to noticeably rise and fall around them. "Where deed you come from petite one?" Called out the caribyss, hoping her passenger could hear her clearly. She got a response swiftly. "From the shore! That way.. I think!" The panju leaned and pointed in the direction that they assumed they came from. "I-I swam t-too far. My mom is going to be so maaad!' The caribyss could hear sobbing coming from behind her head.

As the waves above the reef became increasingly more sever, the caribyss made straight for the shore. Rain drops began to pelt the sea's surface. All the while she struggled to keep her small hairy passenger as much above water as she could afford, as she needed to keep her gills submerged. Soon the could see the shore. A few land dwellers remained, despite the increasingly poor weather conditions. Suddenly one of them faced the ocean and cried out! The caribyss couldn't see that well, but figured it must be the kid's parents when the young panju called back through their weariness.

The blush caribyss went as shallow as she safely could. The young panju clambered off as an older panju ran close and quickly snatched her child into her arms, crying out at the sight of the caribyss. A few of the other ocean-challenge tourists also spotted her and began calling out all sorts of cruel terms, making it hard for the sea-dweller to answer. Finally, regaining their breath momentarily, the child screeched for their family to stop, and explained that the pink glow fish saved them.

The adults, all suddenly ashamed of their behaviour, turned to apologized to the caribyss. However she was already gone, back into the deep calm of the reef.