Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Xeiana Winning Entry

Over the years, the Mericai had noticed, like always, that presents had been disappearing from underneath trees around Mistica. Not even her Shyres could catch the thief if they caught sight of him. It was the same person year after year, hiding in the shadows. Always mischievous, always looking to play tricks while Boreal created plans to destroy Mistmas. Many times Meriklaus had wondered what to do with him, especially since he never did anything too dangerous. There were complaints about the missing presents, only for those individuals to stumble upon them later on.

She sat down on a chair in her workshop, presents piled in heaps around her as her poofs worked tirelessly on delivering them. A blue tint caught her eye and she turned her head towards a corner, small lengths of fabric abandoned after a few years of making a gift. Her tired face broke into a fond smile. The trickster had changed after what had transpired after receiving something that had been made for him. Although he still stole and hid presents, it was never too hard to find them anymore, and it was only in good fun. She remembered the day like it was yesterday, and it was why she could never reprimand him too harshly when she found him in the act.

The shady figure almost danced through the trees, darting from the shadows of the snow-heavy trees like he was playing a one man game of hide and seek. A few gifts were in his hand, the fifth haul that day. A soft chuckle left his lips, tucking some into the trees, and others into half-hidden logs as he ran, long having dodged the Misticans who had seen and ran after him. Looking around, he stuffed the last one into an abandoned hole in the ground before he darted off, the falling snow covering his tracks.

Listening and hearing nothing, Frost decided that perhaps it was time to call it a night, as the sun was already setting. Something about hiding presents others got, yet having them ‘chase’ him down in an attempt to retrieve them, was only fun when they were awake, not trying to sleep. However, that afternoon seemed to hold more than just hiding presents for him. Except it nearly made him trip and fall into a pile of snow as well.

Waving his arms in a circle in an attempt to regain his balance, the trickster stumbled away. Thinking it was a large stone or rotted stump, he glared down at the offending object, only for his expression to turn into puzzlement.

It was a present. Specifically a white one with a lovely blue ribbon tying it together. Definitely not one that he had stolen before, and it was too far away from the villages for anyone to have left it here. Hesitantly, as if it was a trap, he looked around, yet there was no one nearby. Checking the ground around it for any ropes that would snag his ankles lest he picked it up, he found nothing to indicate that he could get caught.

What was even more confusing was the fact that he found his name written in cursive on the tag. A present? For him? He kneeled down in the snow, and, feeling like a child, poked the gift. He had seen the Misticans unwrap presents and have sheer delight written across their faces at receiving presents that they wanted, and deep down, he had always wanted to feel that joy, yet… It was strange. Giving into his curiosity, he picked at the ribbon until it was undone and opened it carefully.

Inside the simple white present was a bluish scarf, curled up in a perfect circle. Frost stared down at it with wide and curious eyes, double checking the tag in disbelief. Who would have left a present for him? The trickster was well known for his little tricks, but this was seeming more like someone was playing one on him. Frowning, and glancing around warily, he picked up the scarf, tilting it this way and that as if it suddenly would bite him and then crawl away. Tension filled the air, seconds ticking by, yet nothing happened.

It was just a scarf.

The trickster continued to stare down at the scarf, feeling the soft fabric underneath his fingers. It was a strange gift someone left for him, especially since he never felt the nipping cold, yet… He brought the scarf closer to him, and he could feel warmth emitting from it. It was gentle, yet comforting, something that was strange for the normally frosty figure. The idea of abandoning it soon left his mind, unable to leave the gift in the snow to rot. It was the first time anyone had left a gift specifically for him, it was… strange, yet the feeling inside of him made him feel warm. Slowly Frost wrapped the scarf around his neck as he walked back into the trees, soon disappearing into the white landscape.

The wind blowing through the snow-ladden forest was the only sound that was heard. Slowly a red-clad figure stepped out from a nearby tree, having been hidden from view. They only took one look at the opened present before a smile appeared on their face. Nodding to their self, they then took their leave in the opposite direction. It was a small gift, but they hoped it could bring forth good tidings for the holidays. And perhaps, just maybe, receiving a gift could lessen the urge to steal gifts, as the trickster has finally experienced the happiness of receiving one of their very own.