Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

operator Winning Entry

The sun is out in Mistica.
The pets let out a grand hurrah!
Caribyss splash in Mistic water.
Skillows soar and want it hotter!
Tarinookis climb the trees,
And Rickets rent some water skis.
Zisscors slither among flowers,
Mandorans enjoy rain showers.
Aetrai fish for trout and bass,
While Anyas wait to eat the catch.
Kokos plant seeds in the garden.
Jinx leave mudpies out to harden!
Obsideons play tag and fetch.
Before their run, Emperons stretch.
Braenon go to outdoor concerts.
Inarbi eat ice cream desserts.
In Mistica, the skies are blue.
The pets have fun and so will you!