Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Lusium Winning Entry

Pink and fierce,
it’s time for infestation to begin.
Get the chocolates,
and keep your companions inside
Infestation has begun.

The swarm is large,
unrelenting in their goals.
Be bitten by a lovebug
and that chocolate will do you good.

The season is joyful,
but also very crazy
Chocolate wrappers litter streets
and cooties search for someone to love.

They’re all nice in reality
and just want to share the love.
Take caution,
unless you really want to be outside.
Infestation has begun

They’re everywhere.
In the water,
in the sky.
Anywhere you go,
the cooties and Lovebugs will find a way
to share their love with you.
And you won’t be able to do anything but love them back.

Infestation is here.
And the Swarm is unrelenting.
For they will only share the love.
and they will not stop
until everyone has been loved.

Infestation is here.