Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Carry Winning Entry

Like A Butterfly ~

Like a caterpillar, when I was a child,
the world around me was huge and wild.
Eating up knowledge along my path,
learning about history, sciences and math.
I grew fat with all I knew,
eager to try something completely new.

Like a pupa, when I was a young teen,
I was hard and I was mean.
Hiding inside my self-made shell,
waiting and waiting for the school bell.
Yet soon I felt it was time to break free,
and show off the brand new me.

Like a butterfly, as a young woman,
attempting to start my own creative trend and not ruin.
Fluttering through life faster and faster,
only imaging what I can master.
My marks might be small that I leave behind,
but I know that those marks will always be mine.