Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Lusium Winning Entry

I would have to say, I've had a dream about flying high in the sky. With the winds ruffling my feathers and blowing in my face, as a Gurahdi, it would already be expected of my kind to be flying in the sky.

Its just how far is our limit. I would love to go visit the zodiac pets in their spacey homes. Even to dive under the water to swim with the Oceanic. Even to walk the burning hot ground of the inferno terrain.

Most think my dreams are foolish, but that's not what I have been told. I've been told to live with my dreams, to let them soar. Maybe one day. I can join them in the water, the fire, even the dwellings of the zodiac.

I had a dream, where I was soaring through the sky, at unimaginable speeds. Only to dive into the ocean, without the need to breathe. It was like I was home, the water welcomed me, as did the air as I returned to it's soft clouded clutches.

I refuse to let the nightmares inflict my dreams, they're the ones I keep closest to my heart. With all the knowledge I know, sometimes you just have to be a child at heart. Much like I with my dreams of the ocean, my dreams of space, even my dreams of the endless sky.

I'm a Noir Gurahdi, and I wish to be a daydream, to be one who can bring happy dreams to others. That is my daydream in itself, some day, I hope to accomplish my dreams. If only for a night.