Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Lusium Winning Entry

I was only a pup. One who had dreams to explore other areas. To look in the Blizzard Realm, to investigate the oceans. To even wander the skies some day. My clan told me there was no hope beyond them. That a Lirionox must always stay with their clan.

I guess I showed them. I honestly haven't seen them since my first journey. I mean. A trip into the beach was a little amusing when I tell it, I was a pup after all. But I guess I could share that tale with you. You do seem to be quite interested.

I had strayed away from my clan during the time we were supposed to be sleeping. I hadn't gotten tired yet as I made my way through the Darkwood Hollow. Planning on finding the beach first. It seemed like somewhere nobody would guess I would be.

When I arrived. It was only soft gentle waves upon undisturbed sand. At that time there were no shops at the Light house. Which left the peaceful layout of the land. Anyway, I had trailed my way down to the water, since I had ran myself all the way there.

I guess I didn't understand the true meaning of salty until I tried to drink some of the ocean water... However, It still wasn't as bad as I would have thought it nowadays. After a little fiasco with trying to get the salty taste out of my mouth.

I had noticed a strange silhouette in the water. I was concerned they were drowning when I noticed the head of said silhouette was bobbing in the water. I raised quite the uproar. Finally grabbing the attention of an Oceanic Belragoth.

Though in my view, they were coming from where the silhouette was, so I was thinking they were going to cause harm. Of course, this was all in my brain as a pup. But, when they got closer to see what all the noise was. I was hidden behind a rock.

It took a bit of convincing to get me out from behind the rock. and upon closer inspection to the Belragoth, who I was more than terrified of at the moment. I mean, it was a giant oceanic dragon just climbing up out of the sea, I had begun to notice things.

The spines along their neck, they were the same as the Silhouette, everything was actually. When he asked what had me making such a fuss. I told him I thought there was someone drowning out in the ocean. And promptly told him where.

It was only after that little explanation he gave me, did I realize, it was his head. He was coming up for some air and to relax in the sun when I had started making a big fuss. He offered to take me home when he noticed I came from the Darkwood hollow, though I hadn't needed it at the time...

Then came my clan.. Having also heard my fuss. Lets just say it was quite the amusing conversation between my mother and the Belragoth. When I got home, I was scolded beyond belief... Haven't seen the big guy since. Heh, It was a fun day. Best time I had in a long time actually.

But yeah, that's the first adventure I had as a pup. It's what made me want to become a better adventurer. What prompted me into leaving my clan...