Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

puredream Winning Entry

BEEP! BEEP! *click* These are the overly cliché sounds of the first day of school, but for me, it brought a sense of relief and comfort. The narration, if it where a story, went something like this: “After spending a grueling summer lounging on the beach with no friends, the excited Blush Obsideon was ready to rule her sophomore year at the top of the social ladder with the help of her brand new clothing she had costume ordered from Lance.” I felt confident that I would be the head of Mistica High–and if not then I would intimidate my way to the top.

I walked to the bus stop feeling overall happy with her appearance. My friends would soon be in sight and would greet me with the appropriate amount of oogling that would boost my esteem even more. No doubt all the other pets would be envious as well. ‘Today will be great’ I thought optimistically, my mood matching the rising temperature of the day.

“Why hello, young one,” An ancient, but smooth voice interrupted my thoughts. Cautiously, I looked around as if expecting an older man to be admiring me. (It was not uncommon) However, to my surprise, the only one around was a small black cat.

Nervously, I put on a fake smile of concern, suspecting a joke from Corrupt. My sister was ALWAYS doing things like that.“Hello there, kitty. Are you lost?” I reached out my paw to pet the little thing, but as I extended it I noticed exactly how big the cat was – the “small” black cat was about the size of a bull dog. Startled, I jumped back and looked at the creature as it appeared to grow before my eyes until it was the size of a mountain lion. As it grew my fear escalated, but before I could let out a scream of alarm, someone began to call my name,“Entrails! Entrails! There you are!” A few of my friends gushed and giggled. Turning, I allowed a small laugh as if I had momentarily forgotten where I was, but otherwise remained silent. Maybe I was fatigued?

The rest of the day went exactly as planned. My friends showed just the right amount of excitement about my summer events and did not question my faked plans of grandeur well the rest of the student body was envious. I was on the top of her game – as usual. My classes were turning out to be just as I wanted with at least one friend to gush over my at all times and the teachers looked easy enough wrangle under my control – especially my cute new science teacher, Mr. Arilou Skyes. I liked him; the way he had encouraged everyone to call him by his first name when he really seemed to say that ‘I’ could call him such and the manner of which he had held my gaze. ‘Yes, this year will be good,’ I summed up as lunch dawned closer.

Of course, every social butterfly needs a moment alone and lunch was this time I felt justified in getting it. I loved to hang out with friends during this time, but a fraction of the time should be devoted to me, not my loyal subjects. At this time, I walked (or rather skipped) happily through the vacant hallways towards the bathroom to refresh my earlier priming. No one was around except for a teacher walking in my direction. My cheeks warmed in happiness when I managed to snag a better view of him.

“Hello, young one.” Arilou purred in a familiar tone that I couldn’t quite pin-point in my memory. However, like any teenage girl when confronted with a cute teacher…. I melted under his notice. When I stuttered out a greeting, he smirked and drew closer, but as he did I felt my discomfort prickle,“I’ve noticed how you have really hit it off with all your “friends”. You do well with most people don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I stuttered out not seeing where this was going. Arilou was creeping me out. I had expected the older pets to be the ones to speak in such a worldly tone. This pet couldn’t be much older then me, and yet he was speaking as if he was decades if not centuries older.

“Of course,” Arilou chuckled as if he already knew the answer,“Perhaps it would come in use…” He trailed off with a cynical smile on his face, “Tell me, my dear, what is your favorite part of life?”

I couldn’t help myself at this point. Without question, I blurted out the answer, “School, of course! Silly!” I snorted indignantly. Certainly, he should know better.

Arilou chuckled at that,“Why? Do you like to learn?”

“Oh course not!” I exclaimed in horror, “All my friends go to school!” It seemed like a ridiculous question to ask in my opinion. Of course, all teenagers were here for the sole purpose of friends. Anyone, who wasn’t, was just plain moronic.

“Oh!” Arilou seemed genuinely surprised, but simultaneously delighted to here this, “Yes, she is the one!” He declared in the manner of a child being infatuated by a toy. He appeared to SKIP over to me and grab my hand in pure joy, “Tell me, pet, how you would feel about staying this way forever. I can do it you know.”

At first, I oogled him convinced he was insane, but the more I thought about it the more I liked this idea. Staying in school forever, socializing with my friends seemed like a brilliant idea for a young socialite. I had heard stories of girls going off to college and losing their popularity and growing OLD. Those nightmarish thoughts scared me. Without considering the faults, I rapidly agreed,“Sure.”

“Done,” Arilou smiled,“All you will need to do is sign this and your high school future is secured.”

I signed such with relish, but when it was over to my surprise, he laughed evilly. “What are you so happy about?” I shot at him in annoyance.

“I am afraid, friend, that your high school future will continue elsewhere - much more unpleasant.”

Sure enough those, fatal words–to my high school career–rang true. What had been a successful first day of school was no drawing permanent close on ALL of high school. Now, two decades later I am the head of the Thirteen Gates, not the cheerleading squad. The only gossip I hear is the occasional ghost prattling on about their dull existence. My only friend is a stuffed animal. The moral of the story is: High School sucks.