Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Sparkles Winning Entry

It was a usual scorching hot day in the Inferno Terrain, and as I was leaving Flashy Fashion with a snazzy new pair of pants, I realized that I was running low on cash. "Well," I said to myself. "Volcan's Volcano is right around the corner. Maybe I should pay him a visit."
Off I went! I was hoping that he wouldn't ask for something too expensive, something that I don't have the money for. When I arrived and confronted him, he immediately assigned me a mission.
"I'm trying something new today," he said in a powerful voice. "Bring me a puppy!"
"You-- You're not going to be specific?" I was confused at this request.
"Surprise me," he said, shooed me off, and turned his back to go return to his business.
I quickly dashed out of the volcano, remembering that Volcan values a fast worker. A puppy... I'm going to find the perfect puppy!, I thought.
I traveled all the way to the Scarab Desert in search of the puppy. I had traveled east, passing Seneea town, swimming across the ocean, and skating through the Diamond Glacier Domain. When I arrived at Ravi-Sorin, I entered Desert Cohorts.
"Do you have any... canine companions?" I asked.
"One!" replied Bakr. "He is a very rare and expensive one... we have one Maliki." The dog's ears perked up at his name, and he came forward. He was a yellow and white little fella, with medium-short fur and dull, orange eyes. "He's tough, and can battle even the most poisonous and powerful creatures of the desert land without a problem."
I was considering buying him, but I remembered that Volcan never traveled anywhere. This puppy wouldn't be too happy with him.
"Err, have a nice day," I said, and I ran out immediately.
I was off again! I swam across the ocean again, walked across the beach, and made it to Banshee swamp.There I found a store called Creepy Critters.
"Welcome," said Zaffy, the shopkeeper. "What can I do for you?"
"I'm looking for a canine-like companion," I replied.
"Well," he said. "I have this super rare Kytsune, but nobody seems to want him..." He opened a creeky wooden crate and out jumped a frightening, bloody monster of a dog. "He's a little vicious, but you get used to it after a while."
A viscious animal! Volcan would never appreciate that. In fact, he could get angry with me!
"I'm sorry," I said. "That's not the puppy for me," and I left the shop once again.
So I swam across the ocean again, passing a beautiful rainbow whirlpool, I walked through a cute little island village, swam across the ocean again, and entered an enchanted forest. "Welcome to Darkwood Hollow," read the wooden sign at the edge of the trees. I found a cute little shop carved out of a large acorn called Forsest Misticpals.
"Hello," I said to Tormic. "I'm in search of a doggy pet."
"Sure!" he exclaimed gleefully. "I have just the pal for you!" He unlocked a cage hanging from a tree and pulled out Vyne. "He's not usually found here in these forests, in fact, I've never seen one like 'im before. But I caught him one day and decided he would do as a good misticpal. Problem is, no one wants him. You can take him for free!" He handed the green and brown leafy dog to me.
"Thanks Tormic! He'll do just fine!"
After traveling the world, I had finally found the perfect puppy to give to Volcan. Oh, how happy he would be!
I returned to his volcano and presented him Vyne. "I'm back Volcan. Isn't he cute?"
Volcan took one look, picked him up, and gobbled the poor puppy down in one bite. "Hm, good," he said. "But I would have prefered a Maliki or Kytsune. I wasn't in the mood for vegetables."