Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Rose Winning Entry

When they found you... it was a sudden sort of attack... a tiny prick against the skin, an infinitesimal raising of the rooted hairs. And suddenly, you would be completely enamored... with the world, the slick and oily colors that picked away at the night sky and resembled the most glorious flow of liquid gasoline... with the wrinkled skins of trees, brown and weathered and shrouded with leaves... with the touch of cool air against your lips, the kind that reminds you of a huge mouthful of vanilla ice cream... You fall in love with everything and everyone, the first person you see becomes the only person you see... and typically, that person is your Human. You are suddenly willing to do their bidding, to hang on to their ever word, as if each and every syllable were the cause of life, the termination of death. There is nothing but love.

Funny, isn't it, how such a small and tiny, seemingly insignificant creature could initiate such a reaction?

You look down again.
The cootie
The lovebug
The glorious pink thing

It nuzzles your flesh.