Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Arcticpaw Winning Entry

Pawpaw silently walked through the forest, enjoying the warm summer air. She heard a rustle and glanced around, cautiously taking a few steps toward the noise. The bushes in front of her were rustling. Suddenly a small little Idle jumped out, surprising her with a little scare.
"Misty! What do you think you're doing?" Pawpaw said, narrowing her eyes.
"Sorry, it's just that I-"
"You nearly scared the fur right off my back!" Pawpaw hissed.
"Sorry, I'm just so excited!" Misty said.
Pawpaw sat down in the nice, cool grass. "This better be good," she said.
"I saved a foxusha from drowning!!!" Misty yelled, doing a little happy dance.
"What? Where did you save here from drowning?" Pawpaw asked. She watched as Misty ran to the other side of the bush and stopped beside a puddle that looked to be about two inches tall.
"This is where I saved her!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down. "She had her nose in the water like this!" Misty said, shoving her face into the water.
"Are you sure that she wasn't just taking a drink?" Pawpaw asked.
Misty jumped out of the water, shaking the water off of her fur. "I am absolutely sure."
"Is that so? Show me how you saved her," Pawpaw said, walking into the puddle. Misty pounced into the puddle and shoved Pawpaw, making her stumble out of the puddle.
"That's how I saved her," Misty said happily.
"Whatever," Pawpaw said. "Where is the foxusha now?"
"Up that tree, terrified for some odd reason."