Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

kiraatwood Winning Entry

Time: precious, valuable time. And it was running out. I was hanging on to the edge of the ship, gripping it fiercely for dear life. The waves crashed harshly against the sides of the ship. I was amazed that the ship hadn’t broken into smithereens, due to the pure force of the water thrashing about. Rain and wind combined, whipping around before splattering against the deck of the boat. The thunder and lightning was also abundant. Thunder roared angrily as bright flashes of lightning struck far away.

It was the best storm I had seen in years.

And I couldn’t help but chuckle, examining just how…amazing it was, yes? It was like a monster, destroying everything in its path! The storm was hungrily eating up little fishing boats and struggling to swallow the larger cruise ships-like mine.

It was one of the most incredible things I had ever experienced.

Why, just imagine it so! To be smack dab in the middle of this torrent of mess and confusion, just sitting there and breathing it all in! The adrenaline rush, pure excitement seeping through my veins…ah what a sight to see.

As so there I lay, hanging on to the very edge of the boat, up in the air thirty or so feet from the deadly waves. The boat tipped, making it harder to hang on. I winced from the pain of the piercing rain hitting my face. And for a slight moment, I lost my grip.

I gasped as at once I began to plummet, but flailed around and found another place to hang on. I had caught hold of the boat again before falling into the choppy water. Panting from fear and exhaustion, I struggled to climb up. It took all my strength and a good amount of patience, but eventually I flung myself back up onto the hard deck.

And for the remaining time the storm had progressed, I stayed sprawled out on the floor. I looked at everything and anything, studying, taking it all in. I knew that I would never see something as great or powerful again.

The storm took its course and slowly subsided, dying down until it was nothing but sunny skies and calm waves.

But the pure fact that I had survived it all was the best part. To be sailing around, telling the very best of the best sailors that I had survived the perfect storm.

Had they?

No, I didn’t think so.