Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 26

CityGirl Winning Entry

It was a horrid morning when Wonderlust had awoken. He went around looking for all the other pets that CityGirl had owned. A smile drew to his face as he moved around the palace and headed to the door. When he got there, he opened the door and smiled at the rain. He may be self centered but he loved the rain more than anything else in the world. As he wondered around everyone looked at him strange as he jumped in puddles that had been in his way. Wonderlust had no idea what he was looking for but he would know when he found it. As he continued around the land he saw a little lake that had not been there before. The tree's surrounded him and over half of the land Evalar, LightningRide, Pandamoniam, and himself lived on. When he noted the lake and the sweet sound of the pitter patter of the raindrops falling into the water. He heard the laughter of his friends and followed them with a small grin. When he found them the grin on his face grew and he followed them into the lake. when the sun came out he had realized that even though it had been raining and that it was a gloomy day, you are always able to have fun