Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 2

puredream Winning Entry

The air was pungent with the musky scent of coal as once black bodies swarmed out of the Blizzard Realm, bring along with them patches of snow that disappeared to show their new crystallized form. It appeared Queen Boreal had let out another batch of discolored Kohals out into the world.

MeriKlaus had been packing up the last of her Mistmas decorations when she saw the swarm of gemmed pets. She sighed in pain as she looked longingly after them. Though she had spent the greater part of Mistmas preparations locked in Boreal’s keep, she couldn’t help but feel sympathetic for the icy queen. Boreal had not always been this way. She had actually been quiet nice.

MeriKlaus sighed once more as if she was recollecting the long forgotten day when she was just a babe and Boreal stood not three feet tall. They had been once good friends, if not the best as they danced over the powder of the Blizzard Realm as toddlers often do with their weaving bows and dips, attempting to stay steady on their feet. King Blithe had watched them with gentle enthusiasm and often called them the “Princesses of Mistmas” for their giving nature of yuletide spirit. They were the vessel for all things festive and their joy was catching amongst the arctic pets that inhabited the realm.

However, by the time they were six or seven years old, a large difference could be noted among the two giving off the taste of foils. For MeriKlaus, though she dislikes bragging, was far more cheerful in her display of festivity – her colors green and red with snowy trimmings. Her decorations seemed to give off warmth and radiance. In turn, Boreal had chosen to garnish the holiday ornaments with the chilly weather that accompanied the holiday with dark and icy blues that radiated frost bite with a single glance.

When at last the yearly contest to decide the “Queen of Mistmas” drew frigidly near, Boreal felt a sense of dread, knowing that her dear friend would once again take the crown. Boreal, at this time, was not accustomed to loosing. She could always trump MeriKlaus’ sweet hearted ways with bold movies and speech in the school yard. In the class room, she excelled at school thanks to ambition while MeriKlaus spent her time assisting others. However, this she feared she would not succeed.

MeriKlaus had found her friend in a sense of untamed despair at the thought of not being able to add another notch to her achievements. After a bit of coaxing, MeriKlaus, like any best friend, agreed to step down. MeriKlaus was always in the spirit of giving; even at such a young age, she would put aside her needs for her friends – especially now. MeriKlaus and a much subdued Boreal went to the contest soon after with high hopes for a successful Mistmas.

However, when Blithe heard of the girls’ agreement, he could not agree. He would not have a stand-down when the true Princess of Mistmas was present. So without telling the girls of his plan, he took the stage to the cheering of Misticans. Holding up his tampered claws, he waited for the noise to settle before he spoke up in his cheery, booming voice.

“Today, I have witnessed the true spirit of Mistmas when two young girls came to me today. You see, Mistmas is not about the presents or cookies,” He patted his bulging belly to the laughter of the crowd. “It is about giving others happiness. For that, I am proud to announce the Princess of Mistmas… Boreal….”

There was a scattering of applause and whooping at this point as Boreal took the stage with a frosty smile on her face. As she walked, a witchy storm followed her leading a trail of glittering snowflakes. But, it was clear Blithe was not done as the cheering died down into interest. Boreal turned to the king in surprise. “And the new Queen of Mistmas, MeriKlaus, for her dedication to friendship.”

The roar was greater this time as people shouted out their praises. However, to Boreal all was a deadly silence around her. Her heart was ice from the sting of betrayal. Treachery seemed to revel in her head and all she could thing was… Backstabber… Backstabber… Backstabber… over again. When MeriKlaus tried to comfort her, Boreal shook her mutinous friend off with an icy shrug.

MeriKlaus did not know it much later, but her perceived betrayal had strung a dark cord inside Boreal’s frozen heart. During the year, the two found a widening gap between them until at last Mistmas drew once more to a close. This time, when morning arrive tinsel was tattered and wrapping paper shredded. Still, MeriKlaus’ spirit seemed to brighten the cloudy situation. No one knew the culprit at first, but as time passed, Boreal grew colder until at last she resembled something similar to as she is to this very day.

In modern times, Boreal is as unsuccessful as before as ruining the holiday that had spited her so long ago, but her grudge against MeriKlaus has strengthened. The once perceived slight of a little girl has been warped and weaved in the status of a martyr. Boreal has never been able to discard this treachery.