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Top 10 Mistican Back-to-School Musts
Written By Metaphor

So the inevitable has finally arrived—days have grown shorter, pools covered up and teeming with capsized leaves, school bells ringing in just about every neighborhood. That’s right; a new school year has begun, summer a fond memory in students’ sun-dazed and cob web-infested brains. Might as well prepare for it, right? Here is a list of ten things that all students must remember to check off their list before heading off to that exhilarating first day of class.

1. Stop by Maury’s for some fancy writing utensils. He has them all: pens, markers, and more.

2. While you’re at Maury’s, grab yourself a crisp notebook. Where else would you doodle yourself and Captain Jack Skillow hand in hand on Bamboo Beach while your teacher drones out about the history of the Itzair Ruins?

3.To the more advanced student writers: Why not invest in a typewriter? Every budding literary genius needs one, and what better time to find yours just before you learn how to write a five-paragraph essay in Language Arts class!

4.Hold on! We’re still shopping at Maury’s. Be sure to grab a pencil case for all your artistic tools. You have only two ears for pen holding, after all.

5.For a fascinating book for that upcoming book report, stop by Village Books. Sure, your teacher might force you to read grueling Mistican classics, but when it comes your time to shine, you can certainly show off your extensive knowledge with an in-depth analysis of a Cheran Sticker Book!

6. What’s a school day without that lunch break you suffer through Algebra for? And more important, what’s a lunch break without a thoughtfully packed lunch? Stop by popular shops like Keilly’s Café, Sweets R Us, Village Bakery, and Flaming Treats for some fine lunchbox stuffers. Oh, all right, be sure to throw in a banana from Healthy Foods just to make Mom happy.

7. Well, you’ve got your school supplies, your books, and your food, but what will you wear? Ties are a must for any studious fashionista. Don one proudly with your school uniform.
8. Hey, aren’t we forgetting something? Oh yes, the absolute back-to-school essential: a backpack! Choose something stylish like a DayDream Backpack or something less flashy like a Black Backpack. You’re a big kid now; shed that Rainbow Scout book bag and be free!
9. Want to be teacher’s pet this year? Bring in a Pomme for your new teacher. Place it on her desk. Note: A Plague Pomme will probably count against you.

10. And most important of all, don’t forget to pack your eagerness for knowledge! Yes, even those kids who are too cool for school have a subject they just can’t get enough of.


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