Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 83
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

This Month- August 2016
Written By Tempest

Welcome back to This Month! Here is where you can find all those important events or information that you might have missed. Went on a vacation and had no internet access during that time? Or maybe you are returning from a long hiatus? No problem! We have you all covered here!

As always, the 1st is bound to bring us a surprise! Please give a warm welcome to the Peridot Kratork Blessing. Remember, you can only receive it this month, so be sure to grab it if you’d like.
On the 3rd, we have our monthly Credit Shop update. A lot fo your old August items are back in the credit shop for this month, and if you still haven’t received the Animus Staff avatar, be sure to snag the item.
Are you more of a sunshine and bunnies’ type of person or a lover of all dark and scary things? Whatever you are, we are proud to announce that the Daydream and Nightmare Phelocan finally make their appearance on the 5th.
Oh, what’s this? So it seems that the ones responsible for the pranking were Robin and his female associate. Were they that bored this year? But what did they mean that this was just the beginning?
The 7th brought an update to the Vending Machine, as well as a Champion Gift – Desert Vista, and the Jade Emporium has moved to its new location this month. Due to a mishap last month, the July Kohal is being released for one week.
The August Kohal makes its appearance on the 15th.
It seems that Maury has gotten back into the swing of things now that school is back in session! Be sure to drop by Maury if you need to pick any extra notebooks!


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