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Erlenmeyer Case Notes
Written By Fish

Erlenmeyer Case Notes

By Dr. Erlenmeyer

Aviarus electraigus: formerly Aviarus diamundus

Common Name: Joule

Plural: Joules

Habitat: Historically, these predatory birds were only found near the diamond glacier and the quarry; however, once their nigh magical evolution occurred, the creatures began to spread throughout Mistica, following stormfronts and thunderstorms, or possibly bringing them to the lands. All that is clear is that wherever storms are found, so are Joules.

Diet: Joules are raptors by nature, and so any small misticpal, or possibly even the young of larger pets could be at risk. If a storm is brewing, you had better bring in any small creature that could be in danger (of course, if there’s a storm coming you should probably put all creatures you’re in charge of inside just to be safe.) Joules are obligate carnivores, and seeing them eat anything but meat only occurs during times of starvation. Rumours that the birds can live only off of bolts of lightning and electricity surges are unfounded at best, ridiculous and dangerous at most.

Behaviour: Being birds of prey, Joules only live in small family units during times of nesting. Otherwise, large groups of Joules are only witnessed during massive storms, and there is no evidence that they willingly interact with each other. It is usually common to only see one Joule per thunderstrike, although they are known to appear like a bolt from the blue to snatch up unsuspecting prey, gone in the same flash they appeared in.

In Captivity: Joules are not known to make good pets, at least not if they are only treated as pets. Joules need space to hunt, and creatures to catch. Misticans who enjoy hunting have been known to “employ” Joules as lookouts and catchers, as long as they have been trained not to eat what they have caught there and then. Adventurous Misticans who love stormchasing are also known to choose Joules as their companions, as the birds always know where the best storms can be found.

Variants: While there are no living variants now, formerly Joules were nondescript raptors who hunted among craggy rocks and hid from storms. Non-electric Joules are now only found in pictures in museums, and in studied bones. If there are any that remain, or if any other variants exist, they are as of yet unknown.


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