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Welcome to Issue 83
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

So You Want an Inferno Pet?
Written By Xeiana

So you think you’re a hotshot, a fiery person with an even hotter personality? Okay okay enough with the fire puns, I get it. However, if an Inferno themed pet if what you seek, then you better make sure you have medicine to cool down any burns you may receive in the process. These pets are on fire. No, as in they literally are on fire and could possibly burn down you home if you are not careful. Well? Still set on being buddies with an energetic flaming ball of fluff? Then let’s get a low down on how these bad boys and girls behave.

Like fire, the personalities of these Infernos can waver with the winds. A change in mood is swift and unrelenting, and their anger can easily rival those of Nightmares and Terrors, as well as the Oceanics. However, when trained well and loved, these angry spats can become very few, leaving them running around in happy and rather playful moods. Infernos don’t comprehend the emotion of sadness well, nor death, as they never realize how dangerous they can be, being on fire. With careful attention, you can easily read these pets.

Fire-proof your house. Everything. Get used to spicy and flaming food, and to your socks being chewed on, as they tend to love going after them for some off reason. Oh, is that just me? Infernos, when they learn to control their flames, are great for cuddling against during those long cold nights. If you really feel comfortable – which means talking to your other pets too – you can save on heating by going completely Inferno!

Pets of the Inferno theme do not go well with the Wintergala, Wintergreen, Zodiac, and Overgrowth. Although one would have thought Wintercursed would have been on this list, it’s the Wintergala and Wintergreen that have it out for the Infernos. Due to their cold elements, or in Wintergreen’s case being made of trees and lights, close spaces between these three would results in a very bad firefight.

Zodiacs, as previously stated, get into arguments with temperamental Infernos who won’t douse their flames so that the light pollution won’t block the stars from shining at their fullest glory. Although they can get along if it’s s’mores they are after, but beyond that it’s tiptoeing on burnt acorns. With Overgrowths, their earthy nature means a wildfire could happen and endanger your other pet. If the two are really good friends, some fireproof clothing can help your pets out there.

Honestly, among other themes, Infernos are hard to deal with due to their quick changing moods and the fact they are on fire, however, they are one of the warmest creatures you will ever meet. As long as you remember that there is a lot of responsibility to go with them, an Inferno can be yours. Just remember to hide the marshmellows with they are not being used.


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