Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 68
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Slushie Quest, Part 9
Written By Fallout

Sebastion used his flippers to wipe his eyes. He had to make sure what he was seeing was not just a bit of leftover soft serve from the pit and was actually what it appeared to be. “Powderpuff...are you seeing this too?” The poof's eyes dilated in wonder and seemed to gain their sparkle back at the sight before them. A lone tear dripped down his fur and froze to the cold ground below.

It was the most beautiful thing they'd ever seen. A large mountain of slushie, as gold as the rays of the sun, sparkled like crystal and illuminated the entire cave with a shimmering rainbow of golds and yellows. A stream of golden runoff flowed from the base of the slushie, feeding a large pool where hot fudge toads and banana split fish swam and hopped freely. Whipped cream gathered around the edges of the pool like foam, providing ample protection for the family of wild maraschino cherries that poked their stems out to examine the new visitors to their cave. The cave appeared to have been undisturbed by the outside world for centuries!

“We made it, Powderpuff! We made it! We got here before The Shadow!” the emperon exclaimed happily. Powderpuff squealed with excitement and lept up into his companion's embrace, the two prancing about excitedly at their find. “You have the container ready?” Powderpuff pulled an empty ice cream carton out of his poof pocket and crossed out the word “vanilla” with a permanent marker, writing “slushie” in its place. “Perfect! Now just position it carefully right here...” The critters in the pool suddenly went insane, squeaking and squawking at them both as they readied the container. “Oh, don't worry! I'll only take a little and leave the rest for you!” The cacophony died down and the critters watched closely while Powderpuff held the carton and Sebastion scraped some of the slushie inside. Once it had been filled to capacity, they capped the carton and began to safely tuck it inside a bag.

“I'll be taking that,” a voice said from the shadows. Powderpuff and Sebastian spun around and found themselves face to face with The Shadow. “Well? Hand it over!”

Sebastion tucked the carton under a wing. “There's plenty here for everyone, Shadow.”

“No, you don't understand. I don't plan on taking a little shaving like you, I'm taking the entire thing!” He stepped forward threateningly, a nokwi beak blade in hand. “Now hand it over and step aside!”

“You fool! You can't take the entire thing! The slushie is meant to be enjoyed by all who make the journey, not just one person!”

“I didn't follow you all this way, waiting for you to disarm the traps for me just to leave with barely a mouthful!”

Sebastion looked at the pool, the frogs, fish, and cherries shivering with fear as they watched the scene taking place before them. If the entire slushie were removed, their entire ecosystem would be destroyed. “Well if you really want this slushie, you're going to have to fight me for it...” Powderpuff shivered and took a few steps back as Sebastion pulled a spoon from his pocket and brandished it like a weapon.

“May the better one win,” The Shadow said, “and by that, I mean me...”

Will Sebastion beat The Shadow and reclaim the Golden Slushie for the cave creatures or will The Shadow merely push him into a pile of low fat marshmallow topping and take the whole thing for himself? Find out next time on Slushie Quest?


Written By Haski


Written By Leptonyx

Sebastian vs The Shadow. Let the brain freeze off begin!

Written By Madoni

I guess I missed more news then i thought xD

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