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This Month in Mistica: November '14
Written By Fay

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

After his landslide victory by Lanturats, Gregory got to host Lanturnacht Loot! It opened on the 2nd, stocked with all the usual seasonal favorites as well as a few new items.

The Vending Machine was restocked the next day and the Credit Shop monthly stock was updated.

More new items came to Mistica on the 4th! We celebrated Fallout’s birthday with a cute (and possibly dangerous) new pal, and the Jade Emporium was updated. The Terminal Kirui, Jinx and Vix were released, along with the Topaz Kohal.

Three days later the Terminal Gurahdi was released, and Credit Events began in the forums in celebration of Mistica’s anniversary month.

On the 10th gallery coding was updated.

Two days later we welcomed Coreath, Myst, Comet, Deino and Kyubey to our art team! On a sadder note, Jasper’s Circus packed up until next year.

On the 13th new standard avatars of shopkeepers were released.

We got a Hero Rat update on the 14th.

On the 19th the Overgrowth Skillow was released. Feast of Giving items also began stocking in shops.

Coreath’s birthday was the 21st and we celebrated with a unique Obsideon plushie. New chat icons were also released in the Post Office.

Just two days later it was Comet’s birthday! Tormic released an adorable little hamster pal to celebrate. The Hungry Hippalo game also returned with big updates and changes.

The 24th was Fay’s birthday, because Valentine’s Day must be really cold where some people live. A fluffy Bichon was found in Blizzard Buddies to celebrate! Meanwhile, Sizzling Décor was getting everyone ready for the shorter days of fall with flashlights.

Thanksgiving eve had Stuffed Turkeys raining from the skies, and they were full of prizes! A new Pomme also began growing on the Pomme Tree and more seasonal items started stocking. Three new avatars were also released.

Thanksgiving day had new food stocking, and we also celebrated another birthday: Deino’s! A robot pal was released to celebrate (he won’t steal your leftovers).

Mistica had its usual Black Friday sale on the 27th with tons of bonuses and discounts. The Frost Zisscor was also released.

November 28th was Mistica’s anniversary! This year marked our seventh, and the theme was clocks! Cheshire began giving out all sorts of fancy new prizes and avatars to go along with several of them.

Now that November is done, we're all stuffed with turkey and triptophan and ready to dive into Mistmas. Hopefully Queen Boreal will remain quiet after her sound defeat last year...


Written By Leptonyx

I think it'll be a chilly day in the volcano before Boreal... Wait, isn't that what happened?!?!

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