Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Slushie Quest, Part 7
Written By Fallout

Evidently The Shadow never expected them to escape from the pitfall or catch up to him if they did as he never bothered to cover his tracks, which were still highly visible in the snow. He appeared to be clumsily stumbling about the mountain as an obsideon, unlike a poof or an emperon, was not exactly well-equipped to traverse snowy terrain.

The snowy tracks stopped at the mouth of a hidden cave. The cave emitted a frosty chilliness that somehow seemed even colder than the surrounding mountain. There was a faint smell of cherry in the air that was wafting out of the depths.

“Powderpuff, my friend! I think we may have found the fabled Cave of the Golden Slushie!” Sebastion exclaimed ecstatically.

The pair took a few steps into the cave and quickly spun around when it suddenly grew dark. A secret door had shut behind them, sealing up the cave to the outside world. Several ice cream cone-shaped lights flickered on, lighting up the passage for them.

“Guess there's no way but forward,” Sebastion said before continuing on.

Powderpuff and Sebastion admired the illuminated walls as they walked by, which were painted with gorgeous murals of ice cream sandwiches, slushies, and various frozen novelties. They were in the midst of a narrow passage admiring a depiction of a raspberry sorbet when a click echoed through the silent cave.

“What was that?” Sebastion asked, looking down at his poof companion. It was then that the pair realized with dread that they were standing on a fairly obvious pressure panel.

“Squeak?” Powderpuff said, his little body beginning to shiver from fear.

A panel behind them opened up. They looked back in time to see the largest boulder of flavored ice that ever did exist rolling out at them.

“Run, Powderpuff! Run!” Sebastion shouted before the two of them bound down the passage.

The pair zipped by the other murals, a little sad that they couldn't stop to look at them, but also a little more preoccupied with not getting mowed down by a giant ball of lemon-flavored Italian ice. They could see up just ahead where the narrow passage opened up into a massive cavern. If they could just get that far, they might be able to avoid getting crushed.

“Powderpuff, we're going to have to jump!” Sebastion shouted over the roar of the tumbling ice ball.

The poof didn't argue as they came to the end of the path and lept through the air, tumbling below to a surface that appeared to be surprisingly soft. The ice ball rolled out through the opening and crashed to the ground below, shattering from the impact of the fall and sending shards of deliciously lemony ice flying every which direction.

“It's a good thing this low-fat vanilla soft serve was here to break our fall!” Sebastion said with a sigh of relief.

“Squeak squeak?”

Sebastion looked at his poof companion and noted his worry. “You're right...I do feel like I'm sinking,” he said.

They both struggled to move, their legs slowly being sucked in by the frozen dairy delight with their struggle. Sebastion looked up and noticed what looked like an ancient, fossilized eledon skeleton. Several other partially submerged fossils were trapped in the bog, the scene not that much unlike that of an ancient tar pit.

“Powderpuff!” he said with dread. “We just fell into a quick sinking soft serve pit!”

Will our heroes make it out of the soft serve pit or will their fossilized bones one day end up belonging in a museum? Find out next time on Slushie Quest!


Written By Leptonyx

Hopefully we'll find their fossil when someone can finally get a diamond pick!

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