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This Month in Mistica: September '13
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

September began with some big changes to our poppets. Zulime came out with new species “essences” and poppets are now a separate item. Limited pets also received some changes. See the news post for full details.

On the 2nd was a much brighter surprise, the September Kohal! The Vending Machine and Credit Shop were also updated.

The 5th was pet fact updates and a How to Care for… book release.

The next day was a release of some new hot and cold foods at Freezy Treats and Flaming Treats.

On the 7th was our monthly Pet Day! This time we celebrated the Anya, Cheran and Eledon. New items were released for these species as well as their hidden figurines. Profile coding also received an update.

Mistica’s night sky grew just a little brighter on the 9th with the discovery of the Zodiac Mericai!

The next day we celebrated the birthday of RuthieRox! A slightly suspicious taco and a pretty (creepy) Glass Spider were released in her honor.

Two days later more pet facts and books were released. Achyrli’s shop also received a large shipment of new art!

Friday the 13th meant a Jinx release! Not only were these rare Misticans available for creation, but the Overgrown Jinx was discovered! Several new items were also released and Jahzara appeared to tell a little story. Lastly, new achievements and prizes were released.

The next day Teshia’s furniture shop received a new shipment of pet piñatas!

The 15th saw new updates to Champion accounts and benefits. See the news for details.

No one likes Mondays, but the 16th was a little more exciting with the appearance of the Daydream and Nightmare Risylkis!

Aibrean appeared the next day to stock the library with more books and begin her monthly quiz. It was a good news and bad news sort of day as we welcomed two new artists (Yoolee and Nine) and Immortal to the staff team, but said goodbye to RuthieRox.

Everything was blue the next day with the release of the Blue Morpho Tag! Tribal Trades also received a few new items.

September 19th was Pirate Day! Captain Jack Skillow made his usual appearance and we took the opportunity to go and dig up his treasures. The Oceanic Risylki was also discovered.

The next day the shops were full to bursting with pirate-themed treasures, some new and some old, along with the appearance of piñatas. Zokudoku and Mandoran Memory Match also had their payouts increased.

A new mummy turned up in Captain Jack’s treasure, waiting to be dug up. Undeterred by our thieving from a thief, the captain unloaded even more new items to buy.

Captain Jack began preparing to leave us on the 22nd. As if to say farewell, the updated Oceanic Yehxil made an appearance!

The next day the captain sailed off, but in his wake we found the Oceanic Aetra.

On the 25th, Achyrli stocked up her shop with even more art for your galleries.

The next day meant more pet facts and the birthday of our wonderful Ryia! An adorable little black cat was released in her honor.

On the 27th Harmony updated her quest as she needed different items. Four new Mericai plushies were also released.

The 28th saw new prizes for quests and Tombola.

I hope you’re excited for Lanturnacht! Last year Jasper wasn’t able to participate, so I imagine the ringmaster is itching to entertain!


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