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7 Must-Haves for Your Summer Wardrobe (Ladies)
Written By Lullay

There are all sorts of cute clothes to choose from to dress up your legendary with, but with the summer heat on the rise, it's time to ditch the fuzzy boots, hoodies, and jeans. Instead, it's time to go for the dresses, flip flops, skirts, and tees! Not to mention it's also time to break out the cute summer accessories!

But where to start when coordinating a summer outfit? With so many choices, it can be hard.

That's where I come in! Below I've listed 7 of my favorite summer clothing items (in no particular order) that will hopefully help you find some inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

7. Fishing stick vista

When people think of summer, they often think of the beach. So what could be more perfect for your legendary's summer look than a beach themed vista?

The Fishing Stick Vista is an affordable way to dress up your legendary for the summer. With an ocean view in the background and the sun high in the sky, your legendary will look like they're taking a walk along the beach!

For those who don't like to mess with changing an outfit yet still want a summery look, this affordable vista is a must have piece.

6. Romantic Blonde Female Wig

Next up on our list is a hairpiece that will give your legendary an instant summer hairstyle. Forget the default hair and go for these sunkissed curls instead!

The Romantic Blonde Female Wig gives your legendary a beautiful set of light curls that just scream summer. And because they're short, they won't get in the way of your legendary's outfit:

This affordable wig also looks great with the fishing pole vista!

5. White Blouse

Next up we have the basic white blouse, a perfect top for you readers who like simplicity.

The White Blouse is simple, pretty and will go well with just about anything you wear!

There's no going wrong with this blouse! It can also easily be dressed up with necklaces and pendants if the white top is too plain looking. If you are looking for a simple summer outfit, this blouse is a must have because of its versatility.

4. Striped Sailor Shirt

While the white blouse is great, I know some of you readers probably would prefer something a little more colorful. So if the white blouse is too plain for your tastes, this nautical top is perfect!

The Striped Sailor Shirt is a stylish tee that looks great with white shorts.

This top is cute, affordable, and it doesn't need to be dressed up with accessories. A great top if you want a quick, fashionable summer outfit!

3. Basic Shorts

Shorts are a big part of many people's summer outfits, so they are definitely a must have for a summer wardrobe. My personal favorite shorts are the basic shorts, pictured above. They go great with nearly every top!

They are also available in seven different colors, making them very versatile! These are a simple, affordable addition to your summer wardrobe that will really come in handy when you are creating outfits!

2. Dot Dress

Perhaps some of you would rather not spend time mixing and matching shorts and tops. A dress would be so much easier, wouldn't it? If you feel that way, then dot dress is a must have for you!

This fiery dress is a quick way to dress up for the summer heat, and it looks cute on your legendary!

It's affordable and provides you an instant summer outfit. This super cute dress can also be matched with a hairclip to up the summery look! But what hairclip, you ask? Well...

1.Daffodil Hairclip

Last on our list we have my favorite summer hairclip: The Daffodil Hairclip.

This simple, super cheap hairclip will instantly give your outfit a summery look with its colors of red, white, and yellow! And the best part? It looks great with any hairstyle!

No matter what your legendary is wearing, this pretty clip will enhance it and make it more summery, even if it's something as simple as a Stignightus tee with shorts. This great clip is a must have in the wardrobe for the hot summer days!

And there you have it!

My top 7 items for your summer wardrobe! I hope this article has given youinspiraton for dressing up your legendaries.

Have fun coordinating your summer outfits and enjoy your summer!


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