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A Guide to Boxing Your Pet
Written By puredream

How many times have you sat there trying to figure out what to box your newly created pet? Most likely there has been at least one time where you created a pet for the sake of snagging a great name, but afterwards you sit there for days and wonder what that fresh pet is destined to be boxed. Well fear not! I am here to give you some tips when picking out a box for your shiny new pet!

First off never choose a box just because you like that theme.

If it doesn’t match the pet’s…. essence then a fancy theme will make you and your pet feel incomplete. Choosing a box based on preference alone has been shown to create dissatisfaction and lead to higher pound and/or adopting out rates as studied by the W.K.N. (We Know Nothing).

So make sure to pick out a few of your favorite themes and species combinations and set them aside for later consideration.

Now for the difficult part. Before you begin you must first locate a pencil, a clean piece of paper, an eraser, and most importantly: a heavy book. The pencil and paper is to write and sketch out the ideas the pet will present to you. The vital book is to bang against your head if that pet doesn’t want to help (or if those artists want to slam it down on the paper. It’s your preference). Got those? Now let’s continue.

Hash out the personality of the pet. Ask yourself if they will be a happy pet or a sad pet, if they will be insane or have a normal relationship with the people around them, so on and so forth. Once this is done you can now pick the best theme to box your pet from the themes you had selected.

Here is a basic list of characteristics that fit each theme:

Apocalyptic –

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you find your pet is missing body parts? Does a limb seem to have extensive bite marks? Perhaps his favorite food is gummy brains? If so then maybe your pet is telling you it is a zombie.

Baby –

No one can deny that your new pet is the baby of the family, but is Baby really the right choice for you? Does your pet throw tantrums when she doesn’t get her way? Does he like to play in mud and soil your furniture? Is that pet over all cute and cuddly? If so then pick of a Baby Pandoria Box today!

Daydream –

Does your pet like to dress up in the latest fashion? Or perhaps you have caught him/her on more then one occasion trying to eat a butterfly to be more like it? Every time your pet see a rainbow does she tells you that she wish she could be one? For those happy, youthful, and preppy pets don’t dampen their spirits! Get them a rainbow in a box!

Frost –

How many times have you worried about your pet because he seems emotionless and void? Does she often give you the cold shoulder when she is angry with you? Or perhaps he is a snowboarder or she a skii bunny? Maybe you have had this pet for awhile and you realized something odd about them – they just don’t age! If so then maybe you should find yourself a pair of heavy wool gloves and grab yourself a Frost Pandoria Box this summer!

Inferno –

We all know pets can be a little bit bratty at times, but for those whose pets have a fiery temper when they don’t get their way, Inferno might be the way to go. If you need a little more convincing then asking yourself is *InsertName* (a) self-destructive, (b) passionate, and/or (c) an Aries? If you said yes to two of these then on your way to snag one of these hot boxes you might want to grab a inflammable suit.

Nightmare –

The loud sound of screamo music has probably woken you up more than once if you have considered this horrible box. Nightmare pets require special care. They must contain a darker heart than all your other pets and it must be noted your bill will go up. These pets not only need the make-up tab a Daydream pet requires, but dark clothing, an endless supply of cookies, and souls to feed on. So before you decide on a Nightmare pet the ultimate question is: Can you afford the nightmare of dealing with credit card companies?

Oceanic –

Has your pet been garnering attention on her grace and fluidness of her stride? Has he been called the next Merical Pelps? Is she always begging you to go to the beach day and night to show off her newest swimsuit? Maybe you are always finding sand and seaweed in his swimming trunks? If that is the case then maybe you need to get your pet this aquatic box! Ah! Smell that ocean breeze! You can almost taste rotting fish in the air! Better get use to it!

Overgrowth –

Quiet and delicate are Overgrown pets. Known for his/her serenity and poise, your pet might be considering becoming a nymph of the forest if the following holds true: Is your pet is good with others and their pals? Perhaps she is always bothering you to buy from Health Foods, because it’s organic? Has your pet shunned meat? If so then buy this fragile box for her.
WARNING: Just because your pet is now a plant does not mean that they will have a green thumb.

Storm –

Perhaps your pet has a temper, but Inferno just doesn’t seem right? Does his temper flash on and off like lightning and as loud as thunder? Maybe your pet is always trying to do something to shock you like dying her tail purple? Perhaps your pet is a little bit unstable both mentally and physically? Or maybe you just want to do something nice for her, because she is afraid of the dark? If so then this electrifying box might be for you!

Terror –

Children: They are all little terrors.

How many times has your pet been sent home from school after shoving some funny looking pet’s face in the sandbox? I mean it wasn’t your pet’s fault, certainly! That other owner just doesn’t know how to parent like you do! Or maybe your pet is a little self-destructive and likes to take her problems out on the less fortunate. Regardless, you have a terror (and a bully) on your hands. So why not box him as one?

Voodoo –

Is your pet’s home a mess, littered with dolls or “action figures”? Does your pet always want to newest toy or plushie? Or maybe she is too old for toys and likes to design her own clothing? Perhaps they had recently died, but you have kept their spirit in a jar hoping to give it a new body? The easy solution to all of this: a Voodoo Pandoria Box. What better way to say Stop spending all my money, you worthless pet! than to actually spend money on this box?

Zodiac –

Even if your pet isn’t into horoscopes it doesn’t mean you should rule out Zodiac pets completely. There are several reasons to consider this box: (a) you have an older pet who still hasn’t been boxed, (b) your pet’s favorite toy is the Rainbow Scout Dolls, (c) your pet is a space case, or (d) they are boring you with quantum mechanics. These are the sure tell signs that you need to pick up a Zodiac Box and a telescope!

Now that you have some basic characteristics of the boxed pets, I hope that you and your pet can sit down and decide on a box together, because nothing is more important than a properly boxed pet. And if your pet is giving you grief and is impatient then pick up a Shiny Pandoria Box on your way home! I hope we have been helpful.

~The We Know Nothing Party


Written By Thunderwing

My fav? Zodiac!

Written By Silcoonsixx

Haha, I loved reading this. <3

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