Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 37
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

The Tale of Tony, the Imp Raised by Sprites
Written By Fallout

It started as a little mix-up with the delivery system. Marny, a Phelocan working for the Lil' Tots Baby Delivery Service and second cousin to Maury, Mistica's resident mail Phelocan, accidentally mixed up her deliveries, sending a baby Sprite to a pair of Imp parents while their baby ended up in a Sprite household. By the time the mistake was discovered and corrected a week later the Imps refused to take their child back, claiming that he was “tainted by the goodness of the Sprites!”, leaving the Sprite family with two babies for the price of one.

Tony was out back feeding cute little woodland critters with his Sprite brother when we arrived at the household. “Little Tony is such a wonderful addition to the family!” his mother claimed during an interview with the Mistic Chronicles. “I was a little nervous at first when I looked into that basket and saw his Impish little face, but then I quickly fell in love with him.”

“I'm so proud of him,” his father added. “The village has offered to make him an honorary Sprite!”

At a first glance, Tony barely looks like an Imp anymore. His skin has lightened considerably from living in a sunnier environment and his custom-made clothes are bright and colorful. Most notable however is his difference in demeanor. Tony is a bright, cheerful young lad with a love for all things Daydream.

“I hear the other Imps don't like me much,” Tony said nonchalantly as he fed a Daydream Biruda seeds from his hand. “But I don't really care. I like it better here with all my Sprite friends anyway.”

“That child is a monster!” claims one Imp. “Look at him...he's all happy and colorful...I get diabetes just by looking at him! And worst of all he...” the Imp shudders, “...he bathes!” He pauses a moment before adding, “Who are you and who said you could come into my house? Get out of here!” We then had to hightail it out of there when he unleashed a hive of angry Nightmare Bizzers on us.

But what about the Sprite brother who had to spend a week with Imp parents? “It was awful!” claims Imp Mom. “He was so cute! So tiny! And he wouldn't stop smiling! I was so scared to go near him!” She then broke down into tears and had to be comforted by Imp Dad. And by comfort, we mean he threw a blanket over her so he didn't have to watch her cry anymore.

So what will become of Tony? “I want to open a sanctuary for wayward Misticpals!” Tony replied with a smile and an armful of Daydream Kalris.


Written By Silcoonsixx

Ahaha, Tony. <3
I enjoyed reading this.

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