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Escaped Speeder Goes on Rampage through Store
Written By Fallout

A Speeder escaped from his jar yesterday at Creepy Critters, a popular store dealing in Misticpals of the strange and sometimes questionably legal variety, sending store owner Zaffy and several customers on a wild chase to catch it before it tore down the establishment.

Tired of being confined to a tiny bottle, the Speeder learned that by rocking his body back and forth hard enough, he could shift his glass prison closer to the edge until it fell off the shelf and broke. The sound of broken glass reportedly startled a nearby Yehxil who was shopping at the store for a new pet. Once the Speeder got out, he proceeded to rush around the store, knocking over displays and spraying into the air a mushroom cloud of powder often scattered on the floor to detect visits from the phantom-like Nekrus pal. The immense speed of the pal made him difficult to catch and the powder in the air obscured visibility and made him hard to detect.

It took three hours for Zaffy and his most loyal customers to finally catch the Speeder. When he was finally found and caught, he was busy trying to free a Clockroach from its confines so the two could go on a grand adventure together throughout the rest of the store. It is as of yet unknown if he intended to free anymore critters from the various cages and terrariums around the store before getting caught.

The Speeder is a spider-like pal known for their long legs and lightning speed which gives them their name. They are a common household pet due to their relative ease in care and long lifespan and are usually sold in glass bottles or jars. This particular Speeder was Zaffy's personal pet and can usually be seen on the wall behind him, ready to greet new customers. Since the ordeal, Zaffy has considered placing the Speeder in a larger terrarium to give him more room to run around. Until then, unabashed opportunist Makoto is in talks with Zaffy and the Speeder for a book and possible movie deal on the event.


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