Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 37
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Character Spotlight: Bernard
Written By gemajgall

If you've ever been to Blizzard Buddies, the first thing you notice is the dapper Eledon tending to his cold-loving pals. The top hat and silk scarf seem out of place while the shop owner cleans up manure and scrubs cages. In fact, he has been asked numerous times if he wasn't better suited for working in a trendy boutique in Seneca Town. But the truth is that Bernard simply loves small creatures and would never dream of moving his home in the Blizzard's Realm.

Bernard's shop is one of the first ever to be established near the hot spring in this frigid environment. Fortunately his thick fur coat makes it possible for him to live comfortably even during the coldest nights. His fur is one of his vain points; this shop keeper has admitted to spending at least an hour every morning tending to it.

When Bernard came to the Blizzard's Realm, he certainly seemed out of place. The whole area was suffering from colder than usual temperatures, making it difficult for the small community to even survive. Many had huddled into the caves around the hot springs, asking King Blithe to work his magic to protect them. At that time, Bernard strolled in with his suitcase, top hat, and cane, stating he was going to start a new shop. The bedraggled residents looked at his pristine image and laughed.

But Bernard's kind heart didn't even flinch. He opened his suitcase and set up a make-shift stall. Except there was no merchandise. Not yet. The Eledon waited calmly, using his large ears to listen to the weather outside. Those watching quickly lost interest and went about their daily routines—fixing drafts, melting ice into water, scavenging for food...

The worst blizzard in history then hit. King Blithe used his magic to shield the community, but bitter cold still crept in, seeping into their bones. The storm raged and howled outside. That's when someone finally noticed that Bernard was nowhere to be found. A quick survey of the caverns revealed he wasn't anywhere in the community—they could only conclude he went out into the storm.

Everyone had written him off; there was no way anyone could survive it. Several muttered gossip about a snobby foreigner who knew nothing and wandered across the ice, never to be seen again. King Blithe felt remorse, but he could not risk the lives of everyone else by lowering the barrier he had made.

At last the storm subsided, and the Misticans poked their head into the sparkling landscape. Bernard was there to greet them with a smile. His tusks had icicles hanging off of them and his name brand scarf was as stiff as cardboard, but the Eledon was in great spirits. Everyone present was shocked and speechless.

With a flourish, Bernard revealed what he had been hiding under a blanket—several small, wild Misticpals, huddled together against the cold. He laughed heartily at everyone's expressions and explained that he deliberately went out in the blizzard to help those who couldn't help themselves. He gathered all the Misticpals he could find, keeping them close to his furry body for warmth. Bernard explained that he believed in lending a helping hand wherever possible and stated that he would now be working to find homes for these pals to any interested customer.

Needless to say, his kind attitude has caused his business to boom. His pals have been found to be the healthiest and best adjusted of anywhere. Many people refuse to shop anywhere else as a result. And all the locals have nothing but compliments to give for this big hearted businessman.


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