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This Month in Mistica, November '10
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

With the end of October came Lanturnaucht as well as a Jinx release!

A big congratulations to this month's Art, Writing, and Poetry Contest winners: Musouka, RoseofDawn, and Resolve; Musical, Puredream, and Amethyst; MockingBird, Funny, and a tie for third, Repose and Baineshee!

That same day it was announced that updates would be switching to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, but watch out for the nifty little notifications at the top of your page! They will warn you about smaller changes and updates to the site. We also introduced our Member Spotlight, where Misticans can nominate members who they think have a "heart of gold". Of course, a ton of new Credit Shop items were also released!

The next day the Hatchery was opened up to overage members. Even if you're over 13 you can now buy a Mistical Nest from the Credit Shop for 50mp, each nest with the capacity to hatch 10 eggs. You help your hatchipal grow by clicking on it -- normal members every 30 minutes, and champions every 15. There is also a Hatchery module on your profile, and other Misticans can help your egg grow by clicking it once per day. We also saw trophies available for each flash game, and at the beginning of every month the top four players will receive an appropriately colored trophy!

Our first Member Spotlight winner was Sherry! The same day the 2nd Year Lollies were retired to make way for the upcoming 3-year anniversary celebrations.

The next Member Spotlight winner was Aurora. It was also announced that we were partnering with the company Bizmey -- you can now watch videos and participate in special offers to receive MP! If you choose to do this please use your good judgment.

Warrior was our third Member Spotlight winner! A bunch of new updates were also announced that day: you can now preview your signature, change the colors of links on your profiles, and a Hatchery Center (http://www.misticpets.com/hatchery.php?action=central) was set up so you can help other Misticans hatch their eggs. New games were also added: you can poke Crunch the Lirionox every hour (30 minutes if you're a champion) to try and run off with some prizes, and Zulime has a wall of poppets you can "pop" for items and MC!

Hammi was the next winner of our Member Spotlight. The banking system was changed so you can now have multiple accounts.

Repose won the Member Spotlight next, and the SPNHM winners were also announced! Ads were removed from the site (YAY!), and to top it all off, there was a small Stignightus and Obsideon released, along with their new Lanturn themes!

Soon after, the Lanturn Tarinooki and Phantom Panju were released!

Faerie then won the Member Spotlight. The forums were also re-ordered a bit, the Giveaway and Mistic Chat being merged into one again, and a new forum opened for champion members. Deedlitmon also posted some wonderful art!

Chao was another Member Spotlight winner, and our amazing coder Paul spiffed up a few areas of the site.

The next Member Spotlight was won by Krystal, and new shipment of lovely Stignightus plushies was released! After Krystal, Caitlingal was our Member Spotlight winner.

The 22nd said happy birthday to our wonderful artist Kirara, with a funky new pal, RaveRat, released and stocking at Creepy Critters!

On the 24th Lenne won the Member Spotlight, and yours truly (Caustic) had her birthday! The lovely pal released, Ashes, stocks at Lighthouse Knicknacks. I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone who signed my birthday card with such wonderful sentiments, and of course the artist and writer who put together my birthday item!

Of course, the next day was Thanksgiving! A whole plethora of delicious food, along with some older items, was released, and the Giveaway held a Turkey Thank You Card!

Black Friday saw Pet Slot Coins selling at a discount, and ALL Pandoria Boxes were available -- the winter themes officially being released for the season! A 10% bonus was awarded to any who bought credits that day. Later that evening Nessy won the Member Spotlight, a new book was released, and so was a very special Premium item: the Angel of Giving. It costs 30mp and the proceeds all go to fund Zarabeythe's local Giving Tree.

The 28th was our three year anniversary! An avatar, trophy, plushie (in the Giveaway) and new 3rd Year Lollies were all released, along with the Pomme Collection!

November ended on a very high note and I personally can't wait to see what our third year brings us!


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