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How to choose your Mistic Pal
Written By Malik

The best place to start is to figure out why you want to give your pet a pal. There are many reasons Misticans give their pets pals. Here are a few examples:

Because You Can - For some owners, the blank space where a pal could be attached to their pet itches at them like a horde of hungry Luvsquitos. It's not that their pet needs a pal - for these owners it's simply that when give the option to attach a pal to a pet, they invariably want to. Like pushing a button you're not meant to push, simply because you can.
Beauty - These owners are all about aesthetics and they look for specific qualities in a pal's appearance that will compliment the look of the pet they want to buy it for. It’s an aesthetic that purportedly sprung from the chic ‘dual-look’ fashion started by the Vater and Sohn hatchi.
Elitists - These are the money-makers, the high-rollers, the select few who dive in and out of Mistica's banks as though money was simply their plaything. These Misticans, when they seek pals for their pets, seek them on the basis of rarity and use them as a status symbol. Their pets walk around with pals that cost more than your home as their owners assure you not to worry, it was just pocket-change.
Sidekick - Pals bought by these Misticans are bought with the intention of being the Bonny to their pet's Clyde, so to speak. These pals become accomplices to their pets' antics and oftentimes have personalities just as varied** as their pets'.
What Pal... - These Misticans own pets whose constitutions are hardy and who go it 'Lone Wolf' style. Ask em' if their pet has a pal and they'll look at you like you're being mildly insulting. Their pets don't need pals; they're the types to whom the idea of a pal as an emotional crutch is about as foreign as the moon. Besides, pals are a drain on financial resources and who needs that?

Of course, this isn't to say an owner might have one or more of these reasons at the forefront of their mind when considering buying a pal, or that these are all the reasons there are. You might want a pal that will fit more than one of these categories and that’s fine too.

So now that you’ve decided the reasons for why you want a pal for your pet, here’s a list of the Chronicles’ top choice for each category.

Because You Can
Sand Znake
Easy to get your hands on and cute to boot, this little critter is hands down one of the most common pals in existence (heck, it’s given away in the Tombola), and most certainly one of the most convenient pals available to attach to your pet for that good ‘yay, my pet has a pal now’ feeling.

Her Companion
This is a hard one because there are so many pets out there with different looks, that it’s impossible to pick just one pal that will magically suit them all. OH WAIT, just kidding, of course Her Companion will suit any pet you give it to. Pandoria feels very strongly that it would be in your best interest to agree that her personal pal is indeed the most aesthetically pleasing pal out there.

Possessed Top Hat
A limited edition pal, this guy is as elusive and coveted as he is wily. These pals are sure to make a statement, particularly the statement that you have so much money burning in your pocket that your clothes might as well be on fire. The well-known fact that you’ll be paying expensive hospital fees for any pet you attach this pal to only serves to heighten the real value of having one of these babies around.

Though it may not look it, this pal is one of the best accomplices around. Looking so sweet an innocent, no one would ever guess it’d be more than willing to drag your pet from adventure to adventure, more often getting into trouble than not. But looks aren’t everything, and after all, you know what they say about idle hands…

What Pal...
Why are you even looking here?

So there you have it!
Of course these may not be the exact pals for you but now that you’ve come to understand how to pick a pal, you’re one step closer to finding your pet that perfect someone. Happy pal-ing Mistica!

**Note: The author had originally typed ‘deadly’ here but was ambushed in the editing room and threatened to change it by a notoriously rabid pal, the Possessed Pop. Coincidentally, this pal did not make it on our top list.


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